My rendezvous with insane fantasies!

My love or rather the passion for the game of football dates back to my early school days. I remember i use to have these fantasies when i was in my 10th standard. It will sound very frivolous now, but in those days they use to be like 'real' stories starting at midnight and ending early before i got up! I don't need to mention who the protogonist was in those tales, its pretty obvious that I was it! :)

One such story:

I get a call from the top boss of Manchester United, Sir Alex Fergusson.(Manchester United's Manager) (I wasn't a crazy Arsenal fan then) "Hey Sounak, i have seen you play football in India, when i had come for a visit there. U are pretty good ya know that, i kinoff feel u'll shine in Old Trafford (Thats Manchester United's massive stadium in England). Why dont ya give it a try? I mean u can pack ya bags an come all the weah to England and i'll guarantee ya 1st team action..what say buddy?" I am still holding the phone, though i am dumbstruck and obviously speechless! I gather my composure and am like.." Are you serious Sir? I mean do you mean what you want to mean? am sorry...i mean to say Sir am i really that good that made u feel that i am good.." Oops..what am i saying..for god's sake am talking to one of the biggest sporting stalwarts in the 90's, its bound to happen, am bound to stammer!!!" I am sorry sir, but is this really for real, i mean is this reality, is this happening?"

Sir Alex " Yo son, but it ain't happening until you plan to land in Manchester in five days time, coz the pre-season training gonna start within a week's time"

Then there is a time-shift in the story! I am 'teleported' to Old Trafford! (The subconscious mind doesn't believe in Visas, i guess! :))

I touch the 'green', say a silent prayer and enter the ground with millions of fans chanting my name, God knows why? Maybe the time-shift has some concealed episodes which i wont know! Under the cacaphony of jubilant manchester united fans, i start my English Footballing career, with goose-bumps all over my body! My touches, ball-control, passing are simply immaculate. Its like, whatever i touch turns gold! My shots at goal are simply brilliant and the ferocity of my free-kicks leaves the opponents panting. I apologize for not remembering who the other team was! Actually, it was all me. Then came the moment i was waiting for, i dribbled past 7 players with all possible skills that the greatest players to ever play the game would be envied off! It was me, one-on-one with the goalkeeper! I even dribbled past the goal-keeper with a famous Johann-Cryuff turn (football lovers would know that) and find the net, with a cool finishing! The crowds go berserk, i don't feel my pulse for a moment, its like a 'dream in the dream come true'. I celebrate with a nonchallant attitude without any arrogance in display. But i couldn't stop myself from giving that 1 leap airbound, that would finally bring my doom!

Yes, i fall down from my bed, holding my back and my mom is like 'One more dream right?' 'Ebar otho, brush koro aar school jayo?' (Get up, brush ur teeth and get ready for school!) . Why do these fantasies end such abruptly?? :( Anyways, i shouldn't complain. i enjoyed every moment of the adulation i got from those people in Manchester! :) :)


An enigmatic figure, right from his Marseille days, he was a person difficult to understand! His footballing acumen and his unmatchable vision will be unrivalled with years to come. He had achieved what people only dreamt of, winning the Spanish league, champions league, a world cup and add to that his 3-time World Footballer of the year crown! His ball-control, ball distribution, bursting runs, twists and turns made him the most envied footballer on this planet! His uncanny knack of doing things the easy way made him a 'Living Legend' on his own right. I have worshipped this person my entire life and learnt the 'concept' of ball-control from this magnanimous stalwart!
But, then why did he chose the occasion of a World Cup Finale to change it all, his image, his worshipper's trust and belief, his team's hope on him! Why, Zinedine why? The reason asked to him is not because he is playing his last football game, nor is it that he is the french leader, even not because its a World Cup final, its because it is 'The' Zinedine 'Zizou' Zidane that did it! A demi-god doing an act of 'evil' so to speak, is untolerable and has left the planet shocked and shattered!
All said and done, we shouldn't take anything away from the Azurris! They deserved every bit of that beautiful cup they kept on kissing the rest of the night! Hats off to all the penalty takers who held their nerves and converted in style. i felt the italian captain was absolutely marvellous. Fabian Cannavaro gave it all, there was a point where i felt he was overdoing things! :)
Neways congratulations to the Italians, rightly named 'THE FIFA WORLD CUP 2006 CHAMPIONS'!!