Baby's Day Out!

Me boarded the 9:25 a.m. DN-635 with a certain degree of disquiet, as the chances of landing on the ground always looks dim whenever I choose a ‘Air Deccan’ voyage. :)
I like to take up the seat just behind the wings, so that I can see all the different movements the ‘machinery attached to it’ makes, this time too I didn’t make an exception.
The ‘wait’ to find out who is going to be seated next to me often rankles me but still a bit of excitement stays back.
To my downright disappointment it’s a ‘sweet’ lady with her little ‘angel’, who is planning to give me company for the next 2 and half hours.
I give a warm smile to the ‘lady’ as I get back the same from her, but the little ‘angel’ stares back at me and gives me that disapproving ‘what-the-hell-u-think-u-r-doing’ look!
Unfortunately (maybe) the little ‘angel’ is parked by my seat. Presuming that it’ll be a peaceful journey, I close my eyes for a short nap, so weary that I am least bothered to ‘check out’ the air-hostesses.
As expected the flight gets delayed and goes air-bound only by 9:45 a.m. A few peaceful minutes passes by, when a sudden bellow wakes me and with it the realization that I have got a hard time ahead of me.
While, the whole airplane is bounded to their seat with seat-belts, our little angel lies next to my feet with a magazine in one hand and an eerie red toy in the other and a feeling of playing in the playground of its ‘nursery’. The more I try to pretend that I am least hassled by what the little ‘angel’ is up to, the more ‘it’ tries to unsettle me by pulling my jeans and even trying hard to go for my laces. I take a glance at ‘it’s’ mother and find that the woman is fast asleep as if I have been given the undisputed responsibility of the little ‘angel’s’ well-being in this journey to Bangalore. Making faces at the little ‘angel’ didn’t help my cause; it rather infuriated ‘the 4-something deadly creation of The Great Almighty’.
Soon, the ‘angel’ got up on its feet and decided to climb up its seat and throw a gauntlet at its fellow passengers, come-and-face-me-if-u-can!! Though the others could have afforded to be unperturbed by the little ‘angel’, I had very little choice but to give a smile and ask, no, request ‘it’ to get seated as ‘it’ might get hurt. It blatantly ignored me and placed a hand at my shoulders, nearing my heck as if to say ‘Dude-u-have-no-idea-who-i-am’. I knew that was it. I grabbed the little ‘angel’ by its tiny belly and shoved ‘it’ to where it belonged. Just when I was about to tie ‘its’ seat-belt, the unwanted catastrophe took place. The little ‘angel’ burst out into a tumultuous whimper bringing its mother ‘into life’ and with it the entire crew of the ‘peaceful’ plane. There wasn’t a single drop of tear from the little ‘angel’s’ eyes but still it formed an expression which made me and ‘it’s’ mother believe that I was literally playing basketball with ‘it’. This ‘sound’ of crying/weeping/howling produced by the little angel and also many of its tribe, is according to me the most irritating sound on this earth and nothing flusters and annoys me more!
The mother somehow, after minutes of coodling and doodling and whatever she did, bought serenity back on the air-bound giant vehicle and tranquility in my existence on board.

The plane reached Bangalore airport and I made a dash for my baggage and life, praying hard to God that I don’t have to face or rather encounter the little ‘angel’ naah...the ’devil’ again!!!

P.S: I referred to the kid as ‘it’ coz I had no idea of its gender (seriously) Never cared to find out, but I guess it was a g**. :)