Dis and Dat...Nostalgia....

It is 1:20 a.m. now, late enough to actually put me to sleep. But, then, I don't feel like! This is what I call a real dangerous situation, when I sit down to write with an absolutely 'Blank' mind. This is when I don't have a barrier or a hypothetic rule to adhere to. I can type without even giving my keyboard a chance to 'sigh'. It is nine days away from the new year, yes, another year is becoming a page of history in our life. If you ask me to recall a particular year in my life, where I can sketch down memories quite vividly, I would sadly have to put up both my hands and say..sorry... I can't! . Man, 25 years in this planet, a quarter of a century...some time...some not-so-clear memories...kiddo in kindergarten running around during tiffin-breaks..hehe...I remember getting slapped by my Principal, Late Father Watier, ask me why?! "For, hanging from a tree, hell yeah!! hehe.." ...winning that particular painting competition in our colony when I was in the second standard...and yes...I do remember what the painting was! :) ...I remember losing my rain-coat when I was in fourth standard, I left it behind in my class, not to find it the day next! :( How sad I was, in fact I am having that expression right now on my face! " :-( " Class 5..My favourite class teacher...Mr.Parmeshwaram, the whole school shivered on hearing that name..hehe..but I was very close to Sir, he really loved me, I went to him for private tuitions too, boyyy...That dog..yeah..what was his name?!..uhmm..yeah..Goldie...I was so scared...hehe...Sir had this little Mr.Bambino (a stick) to straigthen us! :D ...We had this awesome group in our school...a huge band of guys (ours was a boys school)...we played cricket like crazy, and even football, sometimes we didn't have a football, stone...yess..yess...We used a stone for football! :D ...Too much of studies ...Class 9 and 10...twas tough! I still remember coming back after my ICSE exam and telling mom..."I think I made one mistake..so 5 marks gone in Maths.."...(yes, I did get 95! )...School Life..golden years at Xaviers..hehe..well...won't ever get back those days, those years, that life, that time!
'Memories'...We can just afford to cling on 'em! :)

PS: The snap shown above was taken when I was in First Standard. I am standing top row, fifth from right! :D



-->My Puma Black Beast!

-->The images aren't that great taken with an 1.3 MP Cam!

-->WE can remove the spikes from below the studs and use it as regular shoes! :)

-->It is priced at 30 pounds.


Great Expectations!

Scary! Real scary! Well, honestly I never get nervous before an exam, at least never since my last engineering exam and that was quite some time back.
The mixed feelings I have today is because of an hypothetical situation, where people want me to run for the President of USA knowing very well that I am an India citizen. (There you are!!Talk of a disastrous simile..actually I'll blame a close blogger friend of mine for this! :P)
For the last few weeks or maybe close to a month, I had made up my mind that I won't put myself through any extraordinary pressure. I'll just let things go as it is and face it as it comes on the D-day of 18th November, 2007. Yeah, yeah, yeah....am talking about The exam, CAT! But, justifying my above used sucker of a simile, I am here sitting in my room all alone contemplating about the fact that people around me, who knows me, who are my friends, they have a something associated to me! It's called Expectation! Boyyy, when I have told 'em that I haven't studied enough (ok, I used enough coz, I wrote 6 of 8 SimCats! :D Thats it! ), why do they have to u-know-what!? I have been bombarded with messages, tweets, calls, what-not-ways-to-wish-me all carrying the very heavy feeling of expectation! Well friends, Thanks a lot, I love you all, yes I do! But, please don't expect a lot from me (Holistically, more so for the cracker tomorrow!). I have been suddenly put into a lot of pressure. So, basically I sat down to write this blog so that I can kool off some heated up nerves (dammit! Where were u all these days!?). I hate being in such a predicament, I just want the day to come and finish off without leaving a mark on my life. But, if it does, I'll be surprised, honestly yeah, coz at least for tomorrow I don't have much expectations from yours truly! ok...lets not leave this at such a pessimistic undertone, lets say..uhmmm..yeah..Come tomorrow..Lets KICK SOME @$$! :D



A momentary lapse of reason!

My flight from Calcutta to Bangalore was at 14:30 hours and I had reached the airport two and a half hours earlier (can’t help it, that’s another story!).

I bed good-bye to my dad, and carried my luggage inside the airport. I was carrying a large traveling bag on my back and a small pitch black leather carry bag in my hand.

Less sleep the previous night resulted in pale red eyes and thanks to corns below my feet, a limp on my left leg was clearly visible. I went about with the routine procedures of checking in then suddenly something hit my mind. Along with quite a few people around me, I found out that the security guards (especially) giving me more than a stare (dat infamous Wait a sec dude-this is fishy stare!) many times. Well, starting to contemplate about the possibilities of such a behaviour clearly an aberration from the normal, I realized that my get-up was to be blamed. Black sun-glasses hanging from the left pocket of my white and blue striped shirt along with the leather bag I mentioned, plus the limp in the left leg and red eyes added to the shadiness of my get-up. A fairly big watch, close-to-unshaved French beard and close-to-uncombed hair did add my woes. I smiled at myself thinking of what else was missing, maybe an ear-ring, a bandana, a silver bracelet or even a black brief case wouldn’t have done much harm.

Somehow, imaginations were running wild inside me and I let ‘em loose.

As I pulled the trigger, getting my .476 Enfield revolver from beneath my shoe-sole, I could see hundreds of people scared and shouting and creating a total chaos. Security guards were thrown into immediate alert and few of them (very few were carrying rifles) started taking positions behind pillars and shouting out “Dude, take it easy”. I made them feel a little disgusted by firing a few more shots in the air, before I took out the Beretta 1918 sub-machine gun. I could hear an emergency siren and people panicking out of the airport, while more security guards come running down and taking positions all around me quite aware of the fact that a psycho serial killer was on the loose.

As I smiled to myself, the lady close to me near the security check felt quite uneasy. That made me smile further so that I could make her further perturbed. It was time for the security check in. As two guys were waiting in front me, something made me impatient and damn, my imaginations went hay-wire again.

Sir, I request you to leave your mobile phone inside your carry-bag before you come for the security check.

Sorry, I refuse to do so; I want to carry my cell-phone with me.

Sir, We are requesting you to do as per instructions

Ignoring the moron, I clicked a particular button on my watch and heard the massive sound of a bomb exploding behind me and sending the whole building into ruptures. I pounced on the guard hitting him with a nearby parcel and started running as I unleashed (from my black leather carry bag) the most lethal weapon in my black Remington 870, a pump-action shot-gun. I let go some shots to throw off quite a few guards while some more chase me to no avail.

“Sir, the checking’s done…u can leave!”


“Sir…I said…u can carry on!”

“Oh yeah..yeah…sorry..I was a little..aah..dizzy…uhmm..thanks”

As I walked in front, my sub-conscious mind made me take a glance behind just to check if everything is fine or rather intact.

Another smile fills my face as I take a seat beside that same lady.

The lady picks up her luggage and frantically scurries away to take another seat quite far away from my sight.

I couldn’t refrain myself from laughing before I moved to the next page of Jeffrey Archer’s ‘Honour Among Thieves’ to find out about the Mossad’s agent fate.


This ain't something new! I have had innumerable discussions about a topic which has become cliche and still dusted out of the cob-webs to play with again! What do you prefer? Football that brings you trophies, awards, medals or football that is simply beautiful. If we take a real-life example, we have Chelsea football club producing the former brand and Arsenal Football Club showing off with the later. (But, this year it is a different story with Arsenal, they are producing breath-taking football as well as leading their group in UEFA Champions League and topping the table till now in domestic league, i.e. the Barclays English Premier League)

When I talk or chat or argue with fellow football enthusiast, in recent times, (I have developed a strange kind of arrogance in me(And sorry, I can't help it...I know a little too much about the game, so u see the arrogance has come naturally)) I tend to take them or kind of 'brainwash' 'em to enter my domain, to accept my footballing views, to press a 'OK' on my book of footballing thoughts! And yet, there are people(friends) who stand up to their views and i do respect their opinions(I didn't say 'agree!' ;-) ). Lets leave the rambling apart and come to the point.

The football that i love to watch must be eye-catching, some showboating (Yeah, Hleb, Ronaldo does provide me those!) must be instilled into the game. I love short-pass games with plenty of possession and waiting for that 'oh-dat-was-cool-how-did-he-find-a-space' killer through ball that finally adds a numerical to the scoreboard. At the end of the day, when you go to sleep, you feel proud to support such a team and feel 'good' about it. Arsenal gives me that kind of pleasure. In the past two seasons, they didn't get home a single silverware, but still i thoroughly enjoyed their game! You can never bat an eye-lid when Wenger unleashes his men(or boys rather) into The Emirates green and they play such rhythmic football. Every pass is played with perfection, every shot is taken with a label of class stamped on it. (At least, The Invincibles of the 2002-03 team knows exactly about this! There was nothing wrong about 'em! Oh boy, I miss Thierry, Patrick and Pires, but wth, Wenger has again started moulding 3 his boys into those 3 stalwarts i mentioned!)
Another brand of football would be the one shown day in and day out by Chelsea or Bolton Wanderers. They would be very strong in the defence aspect but attacking-wise, these teams prefer long balls bombarded into forwards and expecting some 'magic' to be done! I absolutely loathe such football, they may win you trophies, but not 'hearts'! :)

At the end of the day, when those 60,000 'tired' fans reach home and their wives and children ask 'em, "Who won, dear?"...the retort should be "The game of football won!" *with a smile*

PS: This blog was written to just 'dust off' a period of 'no-writing', so basically its 'please-forget-it-blabbering'! Arsenal won their recent CL game, 7-0 (well, thats another reason! :D )

PPS: The opinion expressed in this blog is completely mine and I mean no offense to great football clubs like Bolton or Chelsea!


Who do i write for? There are people who write for themselves, to satisfy themselves, they are least bothered whether anybody can or even try to relate to their incoherent musings. These people stoop to such 'levels' that sometimes they purposely pen down philosophical 'balderdash', maybe something that would not be understandable to themselves too! :)

Let my 'gibberish to be' today be about 'these' people! Yes, I have noticed that though these people claim to preach to (only to) the erudite hoi polloi, they actually make a mockery of themselves in some way or other. Their preachings which if not understood, are supposed to be written for an audience of an intellectual mind and 'homo sapiens of a lower order' should just let it be, or should I say, leave it unscathed. Lets call such people 'Demented Hermaphrodites' instead of calling 'em 'these people'. :)

The demented hermaphrodites have a tendency to be ostentatious in penning down their 'blabbering'. Why do they do this? The reason actually has been stated before, just that they want to 'project' themselves above all of their fellow-men! Should I label it as a perfect case of 'superiority complex' or a belief of being omniscient? In either case, the attitude towards 'lowly beings' (read 'us') remains the same.

Now, some of us would think, why worry about such people! But, here lies a glitch. There are some people who 'worship' these Demented Hermaphrodites. So, basically I have a slight problem with these people. These people are always ready to fight with the ignorant tribe, to prove that their 'demented big brothers' are always right. They have high regards for the modus operandi followed by the demented hermaphrodites. They are ready to give their life (ok, that was a little too much, or was it??) or/to 'stand by' their 'spiritual demented masters' and accept even highly preposterous (to us, supposedly!) stuffs. Lets assign them a sobriquet, 'Imbecile Son of leaches'! :)

The Demented Hermaphrodites would pounce on us 'lowly beings' if we label their preachings as 'doses of dogmatism'. And the Imbecile Son of Leaches will follow suit like those 'eternally flummoxed communist marchers of Bengal'. Quoting some words of wisdom by AC/DC, "They don't need reason, they don't need rhyme' , I would say these frivolous son of leaches rankles me more than their demented 'big brother counterparts'; At least, the 'challenged' hermaphrodites have a 'reason' of proving their superiority.

The demented hermaphrodites and the imbecile son of leeches are inseparable, and one can't exist without the other. If the later ceases to exist, the 'importance' of the former would greatly diminish. A feeling of insecurity would then stalk the 'hermaphrodites' and maybe, they would change; change for the good of us, 'lowly beings'. But the greater risk lies in the fact that this society is a strange place and to keep the 'balance', both the above sets of people would co-exist. We have to 'live' with 'em. Those who ignore them would be called 'ignorant' people, those who respect them would join forces with the imbecile son of leeches! :)

PS: If you people are wondering whether there is actually an 'enigmatic existence' in reality, who provoked me to write the above, well, then you are wro...err....right! :D


2043 AD

GC0134567894356 – He, ow aba takin a luk at da buk? (Hey, how about taking a look at that book?)

BS1434567894499 – Lem c, luks inte 2 me! (Lemme see, looks interesting to me!)

“It reads ‘Diary of an Infoscion’”

Vishal (13th June, 2008) – I reached office today at 3:00 p.m. after 8 hours of fun. Ya, we had serious fun in the bus. We played antakshari. The bus was divided into two teams. It was real fun. Tomorrow we are planning to play dumb-charades. Goodnite myself!

Aniket (29th November, 2009) – I am still to reach office. I started last week on a Friday, and here it is Sunday. I am in the bus and I need a formal shirt and a tie because I have a strong belief the bus will reach on Tuesday for sure.

Nikita (15th August, 2012) – This is so ridiculous. I haven’t called my boy-friend for 2 weeks. The cell is out of charge. The mobile-charging shops in the Hosur Road are closed for a week too. Dammit! I hate my life! I hate everybody. 20 freaking days and I am still to reach office.

Tamborine-22 (12th May, 2019) – Yes, I won. I finally won the chess match that I started with Dejavu-97! 6 months for 1 freaking match. What fun. Awesome! I heard we are reaching office in 2 weeks. I haven’t seen many faces for a long time. Miss ‘em all!

Caligula (Some freaking day, autumn, 2028) – I am not a psycho! Today I say what I believe. I say what happened. Yes! The bus broke down. I am not a psycho! The bus broke down and I fell off and landed inside an auto-zigzag. A girl was inside it. I fell in love with her. I am not a psycho. I want to marry her. We’ll marry this Friday in the ‘amphi-theater of dreams!’ And yeah, I am not a psycho!

Pablo-Papita (Donno when) – We reached office today and were cheered. It was a great feeling. I was a young girl when I started with the journey from JP Nagar. I was a SE too. I heard am going to be a Senior Project Manager from today. I had fallen for Zapak-007. He is a cool guy. Oh yeah, we have a kid now. Named him ‘MPG-008 (Mobile Programming Blunder)’. Sweet na?!

Bhanoosh (A day in my lifes) – I am the reaching office today only. I am the patiently sitting and eating and having goods time all these years. I am not shaving for the last 3 years. My beard is growing in the tallest like that Nobel prize winner, forgetting his name. My parents is coming to office todays. They will be pointing at me and saying I am proud feelings. After all I son only doing all the great doings all these years only in the bus, opening a road-side dhaba tow below the road-aside. I am stopping my writings in this hair.

Curzzoka (Some day, who gives a damn man!) – I reached office in 13 hours flat. Feels great. Traffic was seriously less. I am planning to work less today, zip-00-blog about some funny incidents. And yes, planning to bunk office tomorrow. Can’t work with all those Monday-Morning blues! Amen!

BS1434567894499 – “E-ha ha ha ha ha….”

GC0134567894356 – “I am b-ing this 4 sur, lem m as ow mch it?” (I am buying it, let me ask how much it is?)”

A man – “80 Dollars”

GC0134567894356 – “hey, Do u av 2 bucks change?”

PS: BS1434567894499 {Boy-Single-14 broken relationships-34567894499(ID)}
GC0134567894356 (Girl-Committed-1 broken relationship-34567894356(ID)}

PPS: Any similitude to actual persons, living, dead, half-dead, traffic-dead, zombies, maniacs, crank-houses and Infoscions is purely accidental.


DON MCLEAN has, without a doubt; one of the most melodious voice mankind has ever laid their 'ears' to. His most famous composition in the name of 'American Pie' is a song of 'historic' significance. This is a 'must listen' for all you folks, it has got the perfect 'jumble' of great lyrics (~that has made people scratch their heads for 25 years and still they are doing so~), great 'feel' (~if you understand the lyrics well~) and McLean's harmonious voice itself. The song takes you through a roller-coaster ride of American people (~mostly celebrities~) and their culture. The song is more of a tribute to the death of Buddy Holly (A rock and roll pioneer) and to the consummate legendary figure of Bob Dylan. The song also touches upon imperative figures of Rolling Stones, Beatles, Janis Joplin, Elvis Priestly, John F.Kennedy and some more of the likes.

Other mentionable creations of Don McLean are 'Vincent' (~Based on Vincent Van Gogh's depiction of life through paintings~), 'Castles in the air' (~one of the most melodious song I have heard my entire life~) and 'Fool's Paradise'. These songs can be labeled as 'beautiful' songs as they throw you in a world of imagination and makes you feel every stroke of the brush 'which Mclean wields' through his lyrical and vocal canvas. :D

Talking of 'feel', we can straightaway venture into the musical designs of one Paul Simon and another Art Garfunkel better recognized as SIMON & GARFUNKEL. Though, I heard their most eminent creation 'Sounds of Silence' a long time back, I got the chance to listen to many other fine music of theirs, very recently. My personal favorite stands out to be 'I am a rock', solely for the brilliant and uncomplicated lyrics.

I request this one to be added to your 'must listen' listing. 'America' (~The song is like a metaphorical journey between two imaginary characters in the different cities of America and their experiences of the same~), 'Bridge over troubled Waters', 'Mrs. Robinson', ' He was my brother' and 'A most peculiar man' are my favorite numbers too.

In the same 'feel' but in a unique genre of 'Piano Rock', let me introduce the one and only, BILLY JOEL. Safely, inducted in the 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' and 'Songwriter's Hall of Fame', Joel got me in his fan-base by his signature-song 'Piano Man', which identifies the man, in a true sense. From 'soulful crooning' to 'upbeat Rock and Roll' tunes, he did it all. My favorites include 'She's always a woman to me', 'An innocent man', 'River of Dreams', 'Uptown Girl' and finally the historic ' We didn't start the fire' (~The song is a history revising material, on a serious note, it unwinds the events and experiences of Joel in chronological order, running upon politics, sports, entertainment and foreign affairs~). This is a 'must listen' addition too.

The vastness of 'musical repository' that the names 'Beatles', The Rolling Stones' and above all 'Bob Dylan', possess, makes it almost impossible to deal with them in one blog.

Arguably the greatest song-writer of all times, Robert Allen Zimmerman (~better known as BOB DYLAN~) has given us a remarkable collection of 'unforgettable' songs.. Well, my favorites and 'must listen add's' will need a separate 'diary' altogether, but still I suggest these; 'Mr. Tambourine Man', 'Blowing in the wind', 'Like a Rolling Stone', ' Hurricane' (~A protest song on Rubin Hurricane Carter, a very controversial song, the lyrics are very touching and tragic none the less~), 'Desolation Row', 'The times they are a-changing', ' Rainy Day Women', 'Forever young', 'Fourth time Around', and 'Ballad of a thin man'.

Dylan's album 'Nashville Skyline' contained a duet with Johnny Cash. JOHNNY CASH was a brilliant and a highly influential Country and Rock and Roll singer/songwriter. I have always been amazed at the man's simplicity, not only in his persona, but also in his musical renderings. The movie 'Walk the Line' encouraged me to 'Walk the Line' of Johnny Cash's music. :D.
His brilliant 'pieces' and thereby 'your must-listens' include 'Walk the Line', 'It ain't me babe' (~Duet sung with Wife, singer/song-writer June Carter Cash~), 'Folsom Prison Blues' , 'Ring of Fire', ' Cry Cry Cry' , 'Home of the blues' and above all, 'Hurt' (~This was Cash's last song (~it was actually a cover~) and the video quite brilliantly puts forward Cash's early life and thereby proving it to be an ideal tribute to the man) I would recommend 'Hurt' () as a 'must-watch' video for all music lovers.(~You can get hold of it @Youtube ()~).

Very far away from the world of 'beautiful voices', was an incredible voice unlike any other in her lifetime and ours too. An overdose of heroin killed her at a tender age of 27, before she could give the world more 'screeching yet melodious' numbers. I am talking about JANIS JOPLIN (~inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2005~). She will be best identified by her single 'Me and Bobby McGee' (~A cover, but most people all over love her version the most~) Other brilliant 'Must-Listens' include 'Mercedes Benz', an absolutely crazy 'Cry Baby', ' Piece of my heart', 'Move over' and last but not the least 'Ball and Chain' (~This song is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, an absolute barnstorming and a breathtaking vocal that gives goose-pimples to the listeners; love the way she ends the song with a lovely 'philosophical' message~)

I apologize for the 'long' blog. I just wanted to spread across "Don't stop exploring music, you'll never know what u will 'bump' into, it mite turn out to be 'gems' "! :D


I had known her since my childhood sweetheart deserted me at the age of 8 years. It’s been a long and a memorable journey. I don’t remember a minute I had spent without her. She became a part of mine and stayed so for many years. If I had a pain, she felt it; if I laughed, she followed suit; if I was unvoiced, she was silent too. I loved her to the core and I knew very well that my survival is quite inconceivable without her.

She loved to eat whatever I munched upon. Sometimes she didn’t have a choice; I had forced her to consume things! ;) I loved Chicken Burgers, so did she! I doted on chocolate mousses, she never complained though she didn’t adore it. Chocolates were a part of my life and she was forced to have them too! Sigh, sometimes I feel, I didn’t understand her feelings, or maybe never tried to do so. She was like a muted tolerant existence of nature. She gave her all, when the situation demanded. She silently stood the pain when I went out of my way to feed my stomach.

And now, after all these years of love, pain and implausible tolerance, she left me for good. She breathed the final time at 10:26 last night. Life won’t be the same without her. I will miss her and I know for a fact that there is and will be nothing which can replace her. I still love you dear.






Friends, I lost my 1st Molar teeth which resided closest to the pre-molars. It was supposed to be the biggest Molar of all.

If possible, I request all of u to ‘observe’ 1 minute of ‘No-eating’ on my molar’s behalf.

Much Appreciated.

Heart err…Tooth-Broken Sounak


The 5 Stars for the Swiss

As the three former champions John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors and Bjorn Borg, sauntered down the center court, one of them was sure feeling quite insecure. There was certainly no insecurity or languidness in the Swiss reigning champion Roger Federer, as he took a 3-0 lead in the opening set against the precocious Raphael Nadal. The Spaniard broke back and made it 3-3 with some mind-blowing passing shots. The first set went to a tie-breaker and the Champion took the better of the Underdog, to go one set up. The boy from Mallorca fought back with some invigorating tennis as he won the second set 6-4. Some of his newly cultured artistic backhand drop volleys were a treat for the photographers and quite a handful for the great Champion. The latter again stamped his supremacy in the third set and prevailed in yet another tie-breaker. The furious backhand winners unleashed in exquisite style accompanied by some lissome court movements make FedEx the ultimate conqueror that he is.

Just when the feeling of “Roger Federer is mortal on the green” sinks inside a tennis player, it is exactly then he can ‘win over’ the Champion or at least think of doing so. With some impeccable ground strokes, controlled nerves and meticulously executed passing shots, Raphael Nadal made it two sets all. At 0-3 down in this fourth set, Federer had even questioned the ‘Hawk Eye’ asking for it to get replaced, the point went to Nadal, and was crucial enough to dent some Federer confidence and ruffle him to some extent.

As the fifth set started many felt that Nadal will finally see his dream come true. Vijay Amritraj very rightly put it as “Let’s see, who’s got the nerves and who’s got the stomach for this fight now”. Though Nadal had four break points in Federer’s first two service games, the later taking a page out of Sampras’s book, served brilliantly well at crucial points and made life quite onerous for the challenger. The last time a Spaniard had won this tournament, was 41 years back, and unfortunately, history was not to be repeated. With some brilliant serve and volley games Roger, The King shut the doors on Nadal. After 3 hrs and 44 minutes of a grueling battle, a satisfied (of watching great tennis) Vijay stated “He is physically and emotionally drained as he equals Bjorn Borg’s great record of 5 consecutive Wimbledon crowns, a record which has stood for 27 years”.

Looking at Fed’s girl friend, this is what Vijay had to say, “She had some nails four hours ago”. This for sure stated the fact that mankind had witnessed some unbelievable display of nerve-racking lawn-tennis and had also accepted the fact that there is no beating the great FedEx.

At the end of it all, the fighter in Raphael Nadal shouldn’t be disheartened, who despite of a tendon damage, showcased some breathtaking tennis maneuvers and won many hearts all over the world. But last but not the least, if the man sits down at the end of the day and tries to wonder what did he do wrong on the court, he might not find many answers, just that he has to accept the fact that he chose to ‘live’ in a wrong era, an era of a gentle-man named Roger Federer.



TH14-The end of an era

September 30, 2000 -- A 23 year old shy, introvert, yet a classy tall figure stuns a few Manchester United defenders by collecting the ball at the edge of the box, flicking it up and swerving it over fellow Le Bleus mate Fabien Barthez for a goal considered by many as one of the greatest strikes ever in EPL history. A star is born in the name of one Thierry Henry. Though THE MAN’s career started as a left winger; at Arsenal football club, Wenger moulded him into a Striker. Unstoppable runs, stunning swerving strikes, unthinkable short passes, enticing footballing maneuvers along with a shrewd mind of splitting long passes and slick back heels characterized Titi’s brand of football. He could do everything from corners to free-kicks to penalties to assists to intelligent tackles! Be it his strike against Aston Villa, where with the pass, he flicks the ball over two defenders to turn and put a screamer past the goalkeeper, be it a long distant stunner against Manchester United, where the ball swerves both ways before entering the net, be it his unbeleivable run from the defence of his own half to the goal of Leeds United to finish with a swerving left leg, be it his run past the Liverpool midfield followed by the defence and scoring past Dudek in trademark fashion sending the Highbury crowds to raptures, be it his out-swinging right foot in the Champions League opening match, 2005, be it his unstoppable run from the left flank and cutting inside for the oh-so-famous right curling foot, be it his immaculate ball-control from a long and high cross to his left leg which drives the ball pass the goalkeeper's helpless right hand, or be it his back heel strike against Norwich, Thierry Henry's goals had a 'lazy elegance' in it. The Man looked to be strolling in the pitch most of the times, yet when he had the ball in his feet, he became The King with a 'pleasant' arrogance that was completely disliked by the opposing defenders! Thierry's game of football was always a brand which never treaded the path of complications. He made thing look easy for himself as well as for his team. A brilliant captain, in the sense that he could very well lead from the front and change the course of any match on a given day with his utter brilliance and a sudden 'piece' of magic! The celebrations of The Man where he slides down the corner flag or where he 'flies' down the 'pitch' thumping his chest with 'black' gloves 'on', or where he simply stands and smells or rather feels the Highbury crowd going berserk and chanting The Lord's name (Read King Henry) are scenes that would remain in the minds of all Gunners throughout their life. Ian Wright, Cliff Bastin, Dennis Bergkamp, the records of all these Arsenal legends have been buried deep by THE MAN! The MAN was premeirship's top scorer for four consecutive years from 2002 to 2006, such was his dominance of english football. In short, in these 8 years for Arsenal, he did it all. He came, he saw and he conquered, in style.

The entire passage written above mostly in past tense makes people wonder whether its the end of a career?!? The truth is, it might not be the end of a career, but it certainly will be the end of an era, an era of breathtaking football which guaranteed EPL viewers non-stop entertainment weekend after weekend. The 'transfer' of The King to Spain, is not only a loss to Arsenal, but a loss to English football or maybe (as i hate to say this) a loss to the game of football,itself. TH14 won't be seen anymore running with panache and poise on the greens of North London.

I, for once looked skyward and 'threw' a silent prayer on the Friday the last, 'Let the news be untrue' (with tear-drops all over my face), but HE(The Almighty) and HE(Our Man), both had other plans for me and for all 'unhappy' Gunners!! The greatest that ever was, the greatest that is, the greatest that ever will be, Thierry 'The King' Henry, The Legend 'LIVES ON'!

Amen! :'(



I picked up this tag from somewhere in blogspot and here I go:

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it?

I have a deep scar on my left eye-brow thanks to 5 internal and 3 external stitches! Damn, my details! :p
I picked up the blemish in the 2nd year of my college life when I was trying to impress myself with some footballing skills! I hit the jagged corner of my bed (inside my hostel room) before blood started flowing like the Niagara Falls! :)

2. What is on the walls in your room?

Nothin really special to be mentioned here.
My repeated attempts at sticking posters of footballers and musicians have been ruined by my mom! :(

3. What does your phone look like?

It resembles a black Nokia 6030. (at least it was black when I bought it!)

4. What music do you listen to?

Well, ppl who know me, knows very well that answering this question is a bit difficult for me in this limited space.
In a summary, I love soulful hindi stuffs, country English stuffs and above all some good rock music with a lot of guitar riffs and distortions in it. :)

5. What is your current desktop picture?

At home, it's a foto of an angel in the name of Elisha Cuthbert (Girl next door fame!)

6. What do you want more than anything now?

I want 'peace' of mind which can help me in doing some rational thinking!
Am just kiddin! :p
I want a person in my life who can teach me the 'meaning' of life, coz currently am too 'insane' and 'lost' to find out the same! :)

7. Do you believe in gay marriage?

I believe in 'happy' marriages! :X
Next question please!

8. What time were you born?

OMG...twas certainly a bad time for Mother Earth! :p
Seriously, I was born @ 18:15 hours on a Wednesday! 

9. Are your parents still together?

Excuse me! :X Obviously yes!

10. What are you listening to?

Its 12:00 midnight now, so if I put on any kind of music, my roomie will cut me into pieces and sell it to the poor and underprivileged! :p
Though, I can hear distant water droplets at a drop/5 secs.

11. Whats something that ppl may not know abt me?

Once, in my school days, I hit my principal hard on his head and ran around the school shouting "Our Princi is a Pimpi"!
Obvsly, kiddin man! :p
On a serious note, there is a 'something' that ppl don't know about me, something very deep, but I won't reveal that! :)

12. The last person to make you crazy!

Am a little confused on this! Do they still need to do something to make me crazy? :)

13. What is your favorite perfume/cologne?

I like the Ice-Kool Rexona thing! Not that i love it!

14. What kind of hair/eye color do u like in opp sex?

Hair: Magenta with greenish blue tinge and fluorescent orange streaks! Eyes: One dark red and another dark green! I wud understand the 'signals' properly! :p Kiddin man! :p
I just love deep black eyes and black hair! :)

15. Do you like pain killers?

Whats there to like about it? :p
Though, I had to take a lot of them during my footballing days! :(

16. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

Absolutely, even the thought of it makes me enter below my desk, cover myself with jute bags and start chanting prayers to The Almighty shivering at the same time!
This time am not kiddin! :p

17. Fave Pizza Topping?

Not a sucker for pizza! Anything with quintals of cheese will be sufficient for me! :p

18. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

Rotten Camel's milk. Shit, whats wrong wid me? newaz what do u xpect me to have this hour of night! :p
An apple will do! :)

19. Who was the last person you made mad?

Nobody as such. I don't like seeing ppl sad!
Oh Sorry, my sleepy eyes read that as 'sad'! Damn!!
Donno, maybe the ppl I chat with can say that! Did I? :p

20. Is anyone in love with you?

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Its so easy to freak ppl out!


escritura del poste 1: If u don't find things funny anymore, visit a doctor, a cardiac surgeon maybe.

escritura del poste 2: To understand the thing on the left, u need to know spanish!

escritura del poste 3: Soy enojado!


A Beautiful Dream

The excessive 'cheer/jeer' sometimes plainly 'deafens' u! 1998, a 15 year old Sounak gets ready to be 'tested' by an elated and confident Arsene Wenger.
Its the 'derby' match between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur! A 63rd minute injury to Emanual Petit 'forced' Wenger to 'try' me on the pitch. I looked 'up' for a silent prayer and some blessing.
**I could see fairies in denim blue jeans and 'surf white' tops dancing to the tune of Shakalaka boom boom, rubbing mine eyes vigorously i looked down**

The referee took my hand to check if there is anything 'illegal' that i am carrying!
**I felt like kicking him there, then jumping on him flat and grabbing his collar and shouting 'i wanna marry ur daughter', but no i didn't do that**

Touched the ground, prayed and entered Highbury (this was Arsenal's old home ground) amidst rapturous welcome from the 'Gunning' crowd. I was quite unaware of this 'euphoric' mood as i was quite 'new' to the crowd (and even to my team-mates)
**maybe they saw a sticker on my back saying 'Kick me hard, i am a fool',those old cheap pranks played on school kids**

Though Wenger had asked me to play as a Left Attacking midfielder, i went right ahead and played as forward, he kept on shouting at me, 'Kid what the cufk are u doin?'
** I yelled back, u old drunk French hermaphrodite!! Now, go to hell, i won't listen to you, say whatever u want to!! Mocks at him!!**

I gathered a lovely 'thru-ball' from Patrick Vieira and instead of shooting it past the goalkeeper and to the utter amazement and disbelief of the crowd, i started running towards my goal. Every Tottenham soul looked in disbelief and my team-mates looked in horror! i dribbled past David Seaman (Arsenal Goalkeeper) and 'smashed' one into my goal.

**as i ripped my shirt, and started waving aka 'Ganguly-ishtyle-in-Lords', i got smashed/hit by tomatoes and potatoes and even big cabbages, damn, what happened???Why booos??Why aren't anybody coming and congratulating me? I love you people!! I just looouuuveeee u!!! Come, look i have 'scored'!**

**Patrick, my captain comes and slaps me! What have u done, kid?? i slap him back and start running towards the dressing room and i can visualize the whole team escorted by a 'bloody-eyed' Wenger running after me and yes half the crowd is following them**

Child P.S: I can see 13 fingers of mine, while typing and my watch is showing 13 o'clock!

Father P.S: I didn't mean to 'hurt' the shhhentiments of any french lunatic, any Nosal Heshammiya doter or any bengali fan of Dada!!

Grandfather P.S: All (c) Denim Copyrights preserved in a refrigerator! :)


T&T 2: Early Morning, i need to walk down from Jayanagar 6th Block to 4th Block to catch the bus (8:10 a.m.). I found an old person sitting near one Ganesha temple (i pass by everyday), the clothes were tattered and he had a helpless and innocent look on his face. He didn't put out his hands to 'beg'. I somehow felt pity for the soul and ditched out 2 bucks from my wallet with a sense of inexplicable pride. The person took it from me very gently and...**this part is nasty**
after approximately 4 secs of an eerie silence, flinged the coin back to me, nearly hollering at me.."Main bhikhari nehi hu!!!" (I am not a beggar)

**Sheeeeesh..what embarrassment, i looked around, picked up the coin and raced myself towards the bus stop**

T&T 1: Somebody (a female) calls me at 11:45 p.m. a few days back..and goes like this...
"Hey listen, its better we meet tomorrow, its quite late now and my parents are still awake, i promise to see u tomorrow and ya sweetheart don't forget to bring that gift u promised me" ...
Yes, am certainly dumbstruck, believe me i had no such plans!! ..

Am like..."Sorry, but are you sure that you are unraveling the plan to the right person"...

The girl is like..."Ahhh...Indra right??? (Yes, i am the Lord of War..temme whom do you want to declare a war on???)"

Me..."Sorry mam, i am not the One (U aren't Trinity right??) u r trying to send across this "insanely shady" (No, obviously i didn't say that! :)) message!!"...

Our mam..."Oh my God (Sorry again, this is not Indra)...am really really sorry to disturb you!!!**line goes dead**
i go to sleep just missing the chance of blackmailing somebody (No, this idea never came on my mind :p)


Its my Stairway to Heaven-4...(1)

“There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves.
Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying.
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons.
Now I've got that feeling once again
I can't explain you would not understand
This is not how I am.
I have become comfortably numb.”

Such legendary lyrics are found few and far In-Between.

Either you go for Cannabis, mescaline, LSD (all kind of drugs, rather psychedelic drugs) or you listen to the vocals of Roger Waters, the guitar of David Gilmour, the drums of Nick Mason and Richard Wright’s wind instrument all at the same time, the effect as ‘they’ say is the same.
‘Pink Floyd’ is known for their psychedelic rock and also for their timely and experimental progressive rock music. The incredible journey started with one ‘Syd Barett’ who was supposedly the founder of the band. His creative legacy and exemplary vocals is the yardstick of early 1960’s rock music. He wrote most of Floyd’s earlier materials starting with ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’. This album has highly whimsical lyrics and is according to me and many, the first kind of psychedelic rock ‘shown’ to UK then. Do take a listen to ‘Astronomy Domine’ for the ‘strangeness’ of the music and lyrics together.
Apart from the awe-inspiring vocals, Barett’s guitar techniques were admirable too. He experimented with a lot of dissonance, distortion and feedbacks. Because of his erratic behavior (soon he went into seclusion), he had to be replaced by guitarist and vocalist David Gilmour. It was heard that Barett’s behaviour was so erratic that it was impossible to continue with him. (He was found staring into space while one of the live performances of Floyd took place). With Gilmour now, the trio, also including Waters and Wright, were at their creative best, each contributing with different materials. Waters believed more in complex lyrics and ‘thundering’ and ‘dominating’ bass lines, the music was more of ‘jazzy’ melody attached to it. Gilmour focused more on guitar-blues while Wright on ‘hard’ keyboard-driven numbers completely based on their own likes. I somehow prefer the complex lyrics of Waters for reasons completely alien to me. The band initially came up with one ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’. Very personally, I feel the ‘impact’ wasn’t made with this album. I love the song ‘Remember a day’ from this album which is more of ‘soulful’ country singing but still the ‘psychedelic’ element intact thanks to the inscrutable music. (The water-droplet sound a trademark I guess). This album is still loved by devout Floyd fans completely because of the feedbacks, percussions and the oscillators involved in it. (Believe me, the title track of Saucerful is very scary!). I don’t have a particular liking to their next ‘Ummagumma’. The lyrics, music and the attempt at psychedelic adventure pass tangentially over my head. Do give a listen to Grantchester’s Meadows, soothing folk ‘sound’ and simple ‘guitaring’ with bird-chirps throughout. (Few know that Mason’s wife made a contribution here as a flautist)
In 1970, Pink Floyd came up with their ‘orchestral’ music in the name of ‘Atom Heart Mother’. Most of the songs from this album are on the lines of ‘orchestral’ music, though ‘Alan’s psychedelic breakfast’ is one completely different and innovative track with a collection of real ‘touching’ piano keys and other instruments to take us through a man cooking and then eating breakfast, a must listen I guess. A very nostalgic ‘Summer 68’ can be given an ear too.
Mid 70’s -> Floyd’s love and association with the ‘psychedelic’ music was shed to an extent and the sounds and ideas of Wright, Waters and Gilmour was blended and fused together to get that unique combination/product in the name of ‘Dark side of the Moon’ and ‘Wish you were here’. This is where the philosophic lyrics of Waters touched people’s heart. ‘Breathe’, ‘Time’, ‘Money’ are my all-time favorites. ‘Time’ goes like this…

“Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an off-hand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way
Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
And then the one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun”

In the early 70’s Floyd came up with their ‘Meddle’ which certainly include the epic 23 minute ‘Echoes’, a song that can send shivers down one’s spine if heard alone in a dark room, the lyrics are as usual ‘interesting’ and music ‘strange’ and something that is beyond definitions. ‘Obscured by clouds’ an album containing songs dealing with life and death, fixation and mostly loneliness, a Floyd trademark.
A tribute to Syd Barett came in the form of a 9-part song suite ‘Shine on you crazy diamond’ and the lyrics completely deal with Barett’s seclusion and his breakdown’s aftermath. Every desired and adored sound were produced from atmospheric keyboards, blues guitar pieces, extended saxophone solos to jazz fusion workouts and aggressive slide guitars, a treat to all music lovers.

....Its my Stairway to Heaven-4...(2) (Waters era to be continued….)


Baby's Day Out!

Me boarded the 9:25 a.m. DN-635 with a certain degree of disquiet, as the chances of landing on the ground always looks dim whenever I choose a ‘Air Deccan’ voyage. :)
I like to take up the seat just behind the wings, so that I can see all the different movements the ‘machinery attached to it’ makes, this time too I didn’t make an exception.
The ‘wait’ to find out who is going to be seated next to me often rankles me but still a bit of excitement stays back.
To my downright disappointment it’s a ‘sweet’ lady with her little ‘angel’, who is planning to give me company for the next 2 and half hours.
I give a warm smile to the ‘lady’ as I get back the same from her, but the little ‘angel’ stares back at me and gives me that disapproving ‘what-the-hell-u-think-u-r-doing’ look!
Unfortunately (maybe) the little ‘angel’ is parked by my seat. Presuming that it’ll be a peaceful journey, I close my eyes for a short nap, so weary that I am least bothered to ‘check out’ the air-hostesses.
As expected the flight gets delayed and goes air-bound only by 9:45 a.m. A few peaceful minutes passes by, when a sudden bellow wakes me and with it the realization that I have got a hard time ahead of me.
While, the whole airplane is bounded to their seat with seat-belts, our little angel lies next to my feet with a magazine in one hand and an eerie red toy in the other and a feeling of playing in the playground of its ‘nursery’. The more I try to pretend that I am least hassled by what the little ‘angel’ is up to, the more ‘it’ tries to unsettle me by pulling my jeans and even trying hard to go for my laces. I take a glance at ‘it’s’ mother and find that the woman is fast asleep as if I have been given the undisputed responsibility of the little ‘angel’s’ well-being in this journey to Bangalore. Making faces at the little ‘angel’ didn’t help my cause; it rather infuriated ‘the 4-something deadly creation of The Great Almighty’.
Soon, the ‘angel’ got up on its feet and decided to climb up its seat and throw a gauntlet at its fellow passengers, come-and-face-me-if-u-can!! Though the others could have afforded to be unperturbed by the little ‘angel’, I had very little choice but to give a smile and ask, no, request ‘it’ to get seated as ‘it’ might get hurt. It blatantly ignored me and placed a hand at my shoulders, nearing my heck as if to say ‘Dude-u-have-no-idea-who-i-am’. I knew that was it. I grabbed the little ‘angel’ by its tiny belly and shoved ‘it’ to where it belonged. Just when I was about to tie ‘its’ seat-belt, the unwanted catastrophe took place. The little ‘angel’ burst out into a tumultuous whimper bringing its mother ‘into life’ and with it the entire crew of the ‘peaceful’ plane. There wasn’t a single drop of tear from the little ‘angel’s’ eyes but still it formed an expression which made me and ‘it’s’ mother believe that I was literally playing basketball with ‘it’. This ‘sound’ of crying/weeping/howling produced by the little angel and also many of its tribe, is according to me the most irritating sound on this earth and nothing flusters and annoys me more!
The mother somehow, after minutes of coodling and doodling and whatever she did, bought serenity back on the air-bound giant vehicle and tranquility in my existence on board.

The plane reached Bangalore airport and I made a dash for my baggage and life, praying hard to God that I don’t have to face or rather encounter the little ‘angel’ naah...the ’devil’ again!!!

P.S: I referred to the kid as ‘it’ coz I had no idea of its gender (seriously) Never cared to find out, but I guess it was a g**. :)