I neva thought that you'll lose the light in your eyes!

We walk to a place called Lazeez for dinner...sometimes. My room-mate has night-shifts mostly, so after dinner, he goes straight to office, while I walk back home, a 1 Km walk!

One of these days, we went to Lazeez, we ordered some dishes which I really don't remember. We were eating, as usual. I looked down, picked up my glass of water and.... my room-mate wasn't there! I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, drank that glass of water, poured another, finished that too.
I checked, re-checked, shut my eyes, opened it afresh, and found that there was absolutely no plate in front of me. Mine was there, not my roomie's! Did I come alone? Impossible! Am I dreaming? No ways! I picked up my phone, dialled his number.
Me: Hey, Sam!
Sam: Ehh! Hello! Why did you leave while I was taking bath?
Me: Shut up, stop kidding me. Where the #$@% did you disappear?
Sam: Dood, am serious! You just left, even the door is ajar! Where are you?
Me: I am eating...no..was eating..you are here...no there...I mean..you were here...I swear!
Sam: Dood, you need some rest, come back, I'll order my food, don't worry.
Me: Jesus! You are serious? This...this...ahhh..this can't be for real. Okay, am coming!

I paid the bill, and yes, the bill had items that was ordered for me, not my room-mate. I wanted to slap myself hard, in fact I did so! A curious onlooker gave a passing smile to me, and I thought he said.."So, how was it? Don't you realize it? You are being fooled!"

I ignored the guy. Or was it a girl? Nevermind. I walk, no, almost ran home. I saw a dead crow on the road...I've ahhh..never seen a dead crow! For a moment I felt like...the crow got up, walked down the road, followed me and flew up, really high, finally getting lost!

I reached home, wiped off some sweat and a bit of horror from my forehead and eyes respectively. I was shocked to see the door locked. I opened it with the keys that I had! Keys! OMG! I had the keys. Then how did he?! Jesus! I ran inside, of course, my room-mate was not there! I picked up my phone and re-dialled.

Me: Okay! Enough is enough! Tell me, where are you heaven's sake?
Sam: What?! You left, remember, I took my cab, left for office. What's with you?
Me: O, no! Shut up! Nothing is wrong with me. Stop fooling around. Cut the crap.
Sam: Okay, fine. Come online. Check! Am online on Gmail. Dood, am at office, please! Sleep off, I know work is getting into ....
Me: No..no...no...okay, wait! Didn't I call you 20 mins back?
Sam: No, you didn't. Absolutely not. Why will you call me while eating dinner together?! Okay, listen, I've work. Will meet you tomorrow. Bye.
Me: No..ahh..listen..moron...don't... *and the line went dead*

I just couldn't believe what happened! It was beyond me. I sat on my chair and listened to some music and tried to clear my head! Out you go, confused soul!

I finished my novel and walked towards my bed...Dood, you need some rest...Yes, I do. I found a small piece of paper that I threw away when I entered the house. It was the bill! I picked up the paper, my eyes shut. I just didn't want to open my eyes. God, this is it! Prove everybody wrong! I am right! This crazy thing actually happened. And then..with all the courage in the world...I opened my eyes... The bill had...
4 Paranthas
1 Chicken Korma
2 Firnis.
1 Tandoori Chicken (Full)

Jesus! No. :-|