Random Blahs and the not random Blahs and the other kind off Blahs!

15 Supposedly Random things about me.

I picked up this tag from a friend, and here I go!
It's mostly senseless, the what-in-the-name-of-the-dead-lunatic-camel-can-be-interesting-about-you? feeling is also a huge possibility. So, you can stop right away and go and fry potato chips for your pet cat or maybe, even for yourself! Doesn't matter! I won't mind at all!

1. I love the lemon flavored 'AXE-deo' (Recover) very much, but in recent times, like say, 1 year, I've used at least 328 different kinds of deos. I didn't like at least 325 of those. I don't remember the three that I liked!

2. I love my watch so much that I'm ready to relinquish everything in life and be with it, for ever and ever and so on.

3. I've loved 'Good Life' from a long long time, since my college days. If you earthly zenoliaticostics are wondering 'So' and rambling 'We all love a good life', then Madam and their puppets, I'm talking about 'A milk packet'. Disturbing? Yeah, I know!

4. I bought a game-pad last year (It is a set of two) and it was heavily utilized when I used to fight it out with Ravi (my ex-roomie) in games of Fifa 06'. We used to play till early hours of the morning. Now, it just sits bored and rusty and angry! Ahh, good ol'days of madness!

5. I'd love to have a music band of mine, some day, when I'm like 65 or something! ok, am kiddin', but seriously, maybe in the next 2 years! I can sing and all, I mean, the words come out of my mouth in the same order in which I want 'em to come out and that is NOT easy, trust me! I'm pretty okayish with the guitar too. I've almost zeroed down the other guitarists, drummer, Band-Manager (yeah, even that) but not yet a key-board player! *sigh*

6. I've always wanted to go down to London and have some beer, donuts and catch a derby football match between Arsenal and Sp*rs. I just want to 'feel' that feeling! :) At least, 97.6% of my friends know this 'wish' of mine! :-$

7. Till one hour before every blog I write, my brain doesn't have any notes or pre-thoughts about what I'm going to write. I pretty much suck at this 'process'. About 99.82% (or maybe 99.84%, not sure!) of my blogs are instant-write-ups and thereby pathetic to the order of 5.

8. I'm trying to find a suitable date, time, space, a specific atmospheric condition, a specific positioning of the moon, a specific position of the planet Emaro_Zelitesh_0972 of the galaxy of the same name, to sit and prepare for GMAT. Right now, I don't have any news of that 'suitable' all-the-stuffs, but I'll get back to you, once I find out!

9. I suck pretty much at making a playlist when I start working at my office. So, most of the times, I just drag and drop some albums of Maiden, 'tallica, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, or anything that I feel won't bore me during the course of the day. If it does, I don't enter another album, I choose to unplug my head-phones. Yeah!

10. I've watched every episode of 'How I met your mother' multiple times but I don't have time for the 300 odd movies that I've in my hard disk and DVDs. That's strange. When I love some thing, I make it my habit. ok, maybe, that's not really strange! Or is it? Nevamind, that's not even the point! Jesus!

11. I've this desire of having a big house with a 20.1 wireless speakers surround sound system. Every room, every corner of the house will have speakers. At least 2 neighboring houses will also be connected to my Sound System. With time and money, I'll spread the system in my entire colony and then my city and then..ok...am just gettin' carried away. The 'adrenaline' and all that! An 8.1 Altec Lansing for my room will be fine. I can peacefully headbang to 'Maiden's Afraid to Shoot Strangers' and drink Pan-galactic gargle-blasters and romantically think about Muscatian Zombies! :)

12. I love burgers! McD ma favorite! KFC, okay, fine, great! Burger King, never ever tasted it! I would really want to! :-(

13. I am lazy at calling people. Okay, am VERY lazy at calling people. It's like, I decide, 'Am going to call him/her', rehearse all am gonna talk (Made this up! :-$) and then I freeze. I just freeze in fear, as if the Axe-man is behind me chasing the shit out of me! (ok, made this up too! :-$). The thing is, in plain language, am just lazy at calling people! :-( *period*

14. I am eagerly waitin' for a something! I know it's probably not going to happen. But wth, it's cool to wait and be eager and wait and be eager and..ohh..am repeating words! :-|

15. The longer I write, the more 'insane' my write-up gets! It becomes really bizarre sometimes, cutting across madness over the seas and the altars. The birds fall on tress and fracture their wings and the glasses fall on babies and make them cry and people eat and piss me off and I eat and piss people off..but..I don't care...Roda Roda!! Hola Hola! Is that a dead mosqito? Man, I hate dead spiders, feel like bringin' 'em back to life and smashin' their head just to see the greenish-blue pulp....ohh.......darn!!!