TH14-The end of an era

September 30, 2000 -- A 23 year old shy, introvert, yet a classy tall figure stuns a few Manchester United defenders by collecting the ball at the edge of the box, flicking it up and swerving it over fellow Le Bleus mate Fabien Barthez for a goal considered by many as one of the greatest strikes ever in EPL history. A star is born in the name of one Thierry Henry. Though THE MAN’s career started as a left winger; at Arsenal football club, Wenger moulded him into a Striker. Unstoppable runs, stunning swerving strikes, unthinkable short passes, enticing footballing maneuvers along with a shrewd mind of splitting long passes and slick back heels characterized Titi’s brand of football. He could do everything from corners to free-kicks to penalties to assists to intelligent tackles! Be it his strike against Aston Villa, where with the pass, he flicks the ball over two defenders to turn and put a screamer past the goalkeeper, be it a long distant stunner against Manchester United, where the ball swerves both ways before entering the net, be it his unbeleivable run from the defence of his own half to the goal of Leeds United to finish with a swerving left leg, be it his run past the Liverpool midfield followed by the defence and scoring past Dudek in trademark fashion sending the Highbury crowds to raptures, be it his out-swinging right foot in the Champions League opening match, 2005, be it his unstoppable run from the left flank and cutting inside for the oh-so-famous right curling foot, be it his immaculate ball-control from a long and high cross to his left leg which drives the ball pass the goalkeeper's helpless right hand, or be it his back heel strike against Norwich, Thierry Henry's goals had a 'lazy elegance' in it. The Man looked to be strolling in the pitch most of the times, yet when he had the ball in his feet, he became The King with a 'pleasant' arrogance that was completely disliked by the opposing defenders! Thierry's game of football was always a brand which never treaded the path of complications. He made thing look easy for himself as well as for his team. A brilliant captain, in the sense that he could very well lead from the front and change the course of any match on a given day with his utter brilliance and a sudden 'piece' of magic! The celebrations of The Man where he slides down the corner flag or where he 'flies' down the 'pitch' thumping his chest with 'black' gloves 'on', or where he simply stands and smells or rather feels the Highbury crowd going berserk and chanting The Lord's name (Read King Henry) are scenes that would remain in the minds of all Gunners throughout their life. Ian Wright, Cliff Bastin, Dennis Bergkamp, the records of all these Arsenal legends have been buried deep by THE MAN! The MAN was premeirship's top scorer for four consecutive years from 2002 to 2006, such was his dominance of english football. In short, in these 8 years for Arsenal, he did it all. He came, he saw and he conquered, in style.

The entire passage written above mostly in past tense makes people wonder whether its the end of a career?!? The truth is, it might not be the end of a career, but it certainly will be the end of an era, an era of breathtaking football which guaranteed EPL viewers non-stop entertainment weekend after weekend. The 'transfer' of The King to Spain, is not only a loss to Arsenal, but a loss to English football or maybe (as i hate to say this) a loss to the game of football,itself. TH14 won't be seen anymore running with panache and poise on the greens of North London.

I, for once looked skyward and 'threw' a silent prayer on the Friday the last, 'Let the news be untrue' (with tear-drops all over my face), but HE(The Almighty) and HE(Our Man), both had other plans for me and for all 'unhappy' Gunners!! The greatest that ever was, the greatest that is, the greatest that ever will be, Thierry 'The King' Henry, The Legend 'LIVES ON'!

Amen! :'(



I picked up this tag from somewhere in blogspot and here I go:

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it?

I have a deep scar on my left eye-brow thanks to 5 internal and 3 external stitches! Damn, my details! :p
I picked up the blemish in the 2nd year of my college life when I was trying to impress myself with some footballing skills! I hit the jagged corner of my bed (inside my hostel room) before blood started flowing like the Niagara Falls! :)

2. What is on the walls in your room?

Nothin really special to be mentioned here.
My repeated attempts at sticking posters of footballers and musicians have been ruined by my mom! :(

3. What does your phone look like?

It resembles a black Nokia 6030. (at least it was black when I bought it!)

4. What music do you listen to?

Well, ppl who know me, knows very well that answering this question is a bit difficult for me in this limited space.
In a summary, I love soulful hindi stuffs, country English stuffs and above all some good rock music with a lot of guitar riffs and distortions in it. :)

5. What is your current desktop picture?

At home, it's a foto of an angel in the name of Elisha Cuthbert (Girl next door fame!)

6. What do you want more than anything now?

I want 'peace' of mind which can help me in doing some rational thinking!
Am just kiddin! :p
I want a person in my life who can teach me the 'meaning' of life, coz currently am too 'insane' and 'lost' to find out the same! :)

7. Do you believe in gay marriage?

I believe in 'happy' marriages! :X
Next question please!

8. What time were you born?

OMG...twas certainly a bad time for Mother Earth! :p
Seriously, I was born @ 18:15 hours on a Wednesday! 

9. Are your parents still together?

Excuse me! :X Obviously yes!

10. What are you listening to?

Its 12:00 midnight now, so if I put on any kind of music, my roomie will cut me into pieces and sell it to the poor and underprivileged! :p
Though, I can hear distant water droplets at a drop/5 secs.

11. Whats something that ppl may not know abt me?

Once, in my school days, I hit my principal hard on his head and ran around the school shouting "Our Princi is a Pimpi"!
Obvsly, kiddin man! :p
On a serious note, there is a 'something' that ppl don't know about me, something very deep, but I won't reveal that! :)

12. The last person to make you crazy!

Am a little confused on this! Do they still need to do something to make me crazy? :)

13. What is your favorite perfume/cologne?

I like the Ice-Kool Rexona thing! Not that i love it!

14. What kind of hair/eye color do u like in opp sex?

Hair: Magenta with greenish blue tinge and fluorescent orange streaks! Eyes: One dark red and another dark green! I wud understand the 'signals' properly! :p Kiddin man! :p
I just love deep black eyes and black hair! :)

15. Do you like pain killers?

Whats there to like about it? :p
Though, I had to take a lot of them during my footballing days! :(

16. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

Absolutely, even the thought of it makes me enter below my desk, cover myself with jute bags and start chanting prayers to The Almighty shivering at the same time!
This time am not kiddin! :p

17. Fave Pizza Topping?

Not a sucker for pizza! Anything with quintals of cheese will be sufficient for me! :p

18. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

Rotten Camel's milk. Shit, whats wrong wid me? newaz what do u xpect me to have this hour of night! :p
An apple will do! :)

19. Who was the last person you made mad?

Nobody as such. I don't like seeing ppl sad!
Oh Sorry, my sleepy eyes read that as 'sad'! Damn!!
Donno, maybe the ppl I chat with can say that! Did I? :p

20. Is anyone in love with you?

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Its so easy to freak ppl out!


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