This ain't something new! I have had innumerable discussions about a topic which has become cliche and still dusted out of the cob-webs to play with again! What do you prefer? Football that brings you trophies, awards, medals or football that is simply beautiful. If we take a real-life example, we have Chelsea football club producing the former brand and Arsenal Football Club showing off with the later. (But, this year it is a different story with Arsenal, they are producing breath-taking football as well as leading their group in UEFA Champions League and topping the table till now in domestic league, i.e. the Barclays English Premier League)

When I talk or chat or argue with fellow football enthusiast, in recent times, (I have developed a strange kind of arrogance in me(And sorry, I can't help it...I know a little too much about the game, so u see the arrogance has come naturally)) I tend to take them or kind of 'brainwash' 'em to enter my domain, to accept my footballing views, to press a 'OK' on my book of footballing thoughts! And yet, there are people(friends) who stand up to their views and i do respect their opinions(I didn't say 'agree!' ;-) ). Lets leave the rambling apart and come to the point.

The football that i love to watch must be eye-catching, some showboating (Yeah, Hleb, Ronaldo does provide me those!) must be instilled into the game. I love short-pass games with plenty of possession and waiting for that 'oh-dat-was-cool-how-did-he-find-a-space' killer through ball that finally adds a numerical to the scoreboard. At the end of the day, when you go to sleep, you feel proud to support such a team and feel 'good' about it. Arsenal gives me that kind of pleasure. In the past two seasons, they didn't get home a single silverware, but still i thoroughly enjoyed their game! You can never bat an eye-lid when Wenger unleashes his men(or boys rather) into The Emirates green and they play such rhythmic football. Every pass is played with perfection, every shot is taken with a label of class stamped on it. (At least, The Invincibles of the 2002-03 team knows exactly about this! There was nothing wrong about 'em! Oh boy, I miss Thierry, Patrick and Pires, but wth, Wenger has again started moulding 3 his boys into those 3 stalwarts i mentioned!)
Another brand of football would be the one shown day in and day out by Chelsea or Bolton Wanderers. They would be very strong in the defence aspect but attacking-wise, these teams prefer long balls bombarded into forwards and expecting some 'magic' to be done! I absolutely loathe such football, they may win you trophies, but not 'hearts'! :)

At the end of the day, when those 60,000 'tired' fans reach home and their wives and children ask 'em, "Who won, dear?"...the retort should be "The game of football won!" *with a smile*

PS: This blog was written to just 'dust off' a period of 'no-writing', so basically its 'please-forget-it-blabbering'! Arsenal won their recent CL game, 7-0 (well, thats another reason! :D )

PPS: The opinion expressed in this blog is completely mine and I mean no offense to great football clubs like Bolton or Chelsea!


Who do i write for? There are people who write for themselves, to satisfy themselves, they are least bothered whether anybody can or even try to relate to their incoherent musings. These people stoop to such 'levels' that sometimes they purposely pen down philosophical 'balderdash', maybe something that would not be understandable to themselves too! :)

Let my 'gibberish to be' today be about 'these' people! Yes, I have noticed that though these people claim to preach to (only to) the erudite hoi polloi, they actually make a mockery of themselves in some way or other. Their preachings which if not understood, are supposed to be written for an audience of an intellectual mind and 'homo sapiens of a lower order' should just let it be, or should I say, leave it unscathed. Lets call such people 'Demented Hermaphrodites' instead of calling 'em 'these people'. :)

The demented hermaphrodites have a tendency to be ostentatious in penning down their 'blabbering'. Why do they do this? The reason actually has been stated before, just that they want to 'project' themselves above all of their fellow-men! Should I label it as a perfect case of 'superiority complex' or a belief of being omniscient? In either case, the attitude towards 'lowly beings' (read 'us') remains the same.

Now, some of us would think, why worry about such people! But, here lies a glitch. There are some people who 'worship' these Demented Hermaphrodites. So, basically I have a slight problem with these people. These people are always ready to fight with the ignorant tribe, to prove that their 'demented big brothers' are always right. They have high regards for the modus operandi followed by the demented hermaphrodites. They are ready to give their life (ok, that was a little too much, or was it??) or/to 'stand by' their 'spiritual demented masters' and accept even highly preposterous (to us, supposedly!) stuffs. Lets assign them a sobriquet, 'Imbecile Son of leaches'! :)

The Demented Hermaphrodites would pounce on us 'lowly beings' if we label their preachings as 'doses of dogmatism'. And the Imbecile Son of Leaches will follow suit like those 'eternally flummoxed communist marchers of Bengal'. Quoting some words of wisdom by AC/DC, "They don't need reason, they don't need rhyme' , I would say these frivolous son of leaches rankles me more than their demented 'big brother counterparts'; At least, the 'challenged' hermaphrodites have a 'reason' of proving their superiority.

The demented hermaphrodites and the imbecile son of leeches are inseparable, and one can't exist without the other. If the later ceases to exist, the 'importance' of the former would greatly diminish. A feeling of insecurity would then stalk the 'hermaphrodites' and maybe, they would change; change for the good of us, 'lowly beings'. But the greater risk lies in the fact that this society is a strange place and to keep the 'balance', both the above sets of people would co-exist. We have to 'live' with 'em. Those who ignore them would be called 'ignorant' people, those who respect them would join forces with the imbecile son of leeches! :)

PS: If you people are wondering whether there is actually an 'enigmatic existence' in reality, who provoked me to write the above, well, then you are wro...err....right! :D