Shuffling Genres

This is only for all those music enthusiasts, who believe in experimentation with ‘genres’.
Honestly speaking, a worshiper of a Led Zeppelin or a Pink Floyd or an Iron MaidenMetallica or even a Red Hot Chilli Papers, won’t get bored of their respective bands. But, still, there comes ‘those times’ when you want to break free! (No, I am not suggesting you listen to ‘Queen’). Well, even if ‘those times’ don’t actually surface, why not try something new?! A new genre or maybe even a lot of new genres! :)

Ok, I believe, I have successfully confused a lot many.
Cut the shit; let’s get down to musical business.

‘Stoner Rock’ is a genre where you get music jumping from slow to a high tempo or vice-versa. ‘Wolfmother’ is one rocking band that has done justice to this genre.
My favorite ‘WolfMother’ song would be ‘Joker and the Thief’. Among the modern bands, this one from Australia is a must-listen for hard-rock lovers. The guitaring and the drums are pretty rock-solid and entertaining. Touches of ‘Psychedelic Rock’ can be found too; try the song ‘Where eagles have been’. Other amazing numbers are ‘Mother’, ‘Mind’s Eye’ and ‘Vagabond’. Do note that, Wolfmother won the ‘2007 Grammy for the best hard rock performance of the year’!

Lets come to something softer and alternative, yes, I mean Alternative Rock! Finnish rock band, ’Poets of the Fall’ earned their fame/respect through their huge hit ‘Late Goodbye’, my favorite song too! The song features in the credits of Max Payne 2 (2003). The lyrics of the song are pretty mind-blowing and justice has been done by ‘Marko Saaresto’, the lead vocalist. Other catchy numbers are ‘Carnival of Rust’, ‘Sleep’, ‘Lift’ and ‘Locking up the sun’. Do give these a listen, trust me, you won’t repent it.
Talking of ‘Alternative Rock’, ‘Blind Melon’’s ‘No Rain’ is one super-rocking number, though a lot of ‘pop and punk’ influences can be found, this is a multi-platinum song and easily the band’s most successful song.
Continuing with ‘Alternative Rock’, but something a little more unconventional, we have ‘Hootie and the Blowfish’. An American rock band, and also the oldest among the ones I mentioned of this genre! ‘Friends’ lovers would know that ‘Ross’, ‘Chandler’ and ‘Monica’ are fans of ‘Hootie and the Blowfish’. The song that I love, especially because of the wonderful lyrics, is ‘Time’. ‘Hold my hand’ and ‘Let her cry’ are some stunning numbers too.

Indie Rock and ‘Brit Pop’ has been fused together by Welsh band ‘Stereophonics’. Rock lovers may discard this band for ‘Poppish elements’ in some of their songs, but they do really have some crazy rock numbers. ‘Lying in the sun’ is my favorite song. ‘Mr. Writer’, ‘Vegas Two Times’ and ‘Have a nice day’ are few more numbers I gave a listen to! Do try this band, if you haven’t already done so, during your college days.

Speaking of college days, I have unearthed some songs I would often listen to and thereby relate ‘em to my good ol’ college days. Interested in ‘Grunge’ those days, I used to listen to ‘Sugar Ray’ a lot. ‘Someday’, I remember is one awesome number with very beautiful guitaring. Some other notable numbers are ‘Falls Apart’, ‘Fly’, ‘Abracadabra’ and ‘Every Morning’. Continuing with something on the lines of ‘Power Pop’, certainly no way near to the ones by the Spitney Bears or the Harris Piltons, try out ‘Fool’s Garden’. I can only recollect ‘Lemon Tree’, an amazing song, my favorite too. Faint memories of songs like ‘Suzy’ and ‘Wild Days’ come to my mind too, do try ‘em out!

Coming back to rock genres, we have ‘The White Stripes’, who belong to the ‘Garage Rock’ or the ‘Punk Rock’ genre, quite fascinating so to speak! The song ‘Truth doesn’t make a noise’ is one hell of a song. The band has conquered a hell lot of ‘MTV Music Awards’ and ‘Grammys’. ‘Icky Thump’, ‘You don’t know what love is’ and ‘Fell in love with a girl’ are other numbers I have given an ear to.

Progressive Rock’ rock lovers can listen to a lot of ‘Jethro Tull’, ‘King Crimson’ (pretty hard drumming involved), ‘Yes’ and ‘Genesis’ considering that you are done and dusted to with the legends of ‘Pink Floyd’. Talking of Floyd and ‘Psychedelic Rock’, I personally prefer ‘Jefferson Airplanes’, especially because of Grace Slick’s vocals. (She looks beautiful too, but that’s not the point! :P)

Lets leave this musical recommendation thingy with the genres ‘Celtic Punk’ and ‘Scottish Rock’. ‘Dropkick Murphys’ is the band am talking about! ‘Walk Away’ and ‘Fields of Anthony’ are some terrific numbers. They have some trademark ‘Irish drinking’ songs too, worth listening to.
So keep experimenting! Don’t get stuck to one or two genres!