Pissed off Karma it seems!

Dunno what I have done to piss off Life, dunno what I have done to piss off Faith, dunno what I have done to piss off Karma! But, everything is coming back, haunting me, slapping me repeatedly on the face, laughing like an ugly baboon (I just hope an ugly baboon laughs real ..well...ugly, dont wanna piss off WAF now!) and sticking some yellow jelly thing up my ears. Irritating shit I must say.

Whoever told me to keep a parachute while jumping downhill was a wise guy. But, Sir! Sorry! I don't have one, I don't want to have one and I * am * falling downhill. To an abyss. Or Something. Who cares? Srsly?


Do You Remember Laughter?

There is too much silence everywhere. Losing something and the compulsive hatred of losing it stems together a strange concoction of emotions. Idyllically undesirable yet irresistible! One needs to take control. But, how, you ask? I don’t know.

The petulance towards the innocent ones is uncalled for. It is like a volcano, ruthless in demeanor, gulping down the endearing existence of a soul. Something has to give away. Something has to be stopped. The Perpetrator of such endeavors should be tamed.

But, can they be tamed, if at all? What is the point? They will be dormant for some time, and burst out yet again causing unnecessary damage to human sentiments. Such doers should be left alone. They are a hazard to mankind.

Negativity is not by choice. When Robert Plant screams out ‘Do You Remember Laughter?’ we all want to smile and be positive. But, the stairway ain’t that flat all the time. There are inescapable impediments everywhere. Sometimes you don’t have the will to go over them, any more. You just wait for an opportunity for them to disappear.

Such a wait…is hopefully…worth it! Or, maybe not, there, pessimism rises again!