Unbelievable! Believe it!!

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar had a fault in his footwork when he used to go for his square cut over the fielder at point. How many of you knew about this? Very few, I guess! It was me, yes, me, who changed it all. I met him when he was practicing nets in Mumbai many years ago. He saw me intensely watching him practice. Finally, he came up to me and asked for some inputs. That was it! The next day, I took up the responsibility of changing his footwork, so that it goes front and sideways back as he goes for his squarecut. That was 15 years ago. After that, there was no looking back or rather as they say Its History!

Pete Sampras used to have a two-handed backhand. How many of you knew about this? Very few, I guess! It was me, yes, me, who changed it all. I had gone for a holiday to New York when I met Pistol Pete. He was pretty adamant about not changing his two-handed backhand. I spoke to him over a lunch break. Told him about how this will change his life, how he will grow and become an icon. He listened to me. Two years after that, he won his first Wimbledon and with time, went on to become the greatest champion that ever treaded on the grasses of Wimbledon.

Michael Schumacher was/is a supercilious person. The champion wanted to stay with Benetton and race for them throughout his life. I met him in an exhibition football match at Munich, Germany. (I was also playing in that match). At half-time, I took him aside and explained to him about how it feels to race for Ferrari, how he could change the world, if he decides to drive for the Reds and believe it or not, he signed for Ferrari next season. Needless to say, rest is History!

Thierry Henry, the lanky and charismatic French forward was a left-winger when he used to play for Monaco at the tender age of 17. I had gone to Paris for some charity work. I met him at a restaurant. I happened to speak to him about changing his style and revive his career as a left-forward. Quite unbelievable, but yeah he listened to me. He is now one of the most lethal forwards on this planet and defenders, they simply curse me! :)