Dis and Dat...Nostalgia....

It is 1:20 a.m. now, late enough to actually put me to sleep. But, then, I don't feel like! This is what I call a real dangerous situation, when I sit down to write with an absolutely 'Blank' mind. This is when I don't have a barrier or a hypothetic rule to adhere to. I can type without even giving my keyboard a chance to 'sigh'. It is nine days away from the new year, yes, another year is becoming a page of history in our life. If you ask me to recall a particular year in my life, where I can sketch down memories quite vividly, I would sadly have to put up both my hands and say..sorry... I can't! . Man, 25 years in this planet, a quarter of a century...some time...some not-so-clear memories...kiddo in kindergarten running around during tiffin-breaks..hehe...I remember getting slapped by my Principal, Late Father Watier, ask me why?! "For, hanging from a tree, hell yeah!! hehe.." ...winning that particular painting competition in our colony when I was in the second standard...and yes...I do remember what the painting was! :) ...I remember losing my rain-coat when I was in fourth standard, I left it behind in my class, not to find it the day next! :( How sad I was, in fact I am having that expression right now on my face! " :-( " Class 5..My favourite class teacher...Mr.Parmeshwaram, the whole school shivered on hearing that name..hehe..but I was very close to Sir, he really loved me, I went to him for private tuitions too, boyyy...That dog..yeah..what was his name?!..uhmm..yeah..Goldie...I was so scared...hehe...Sir had this little Mr.Bambino (a stick) to straigthen us! :D ...We had this awesome group in our school...a huge band of guys (ours was a boys school)...we played cricket like crazy, and even football, sometimes we didn't have a football, stone...yess..yess...We used a stone for football! :D ...Too much of studies ...Class 9 and 10...twas tough! I still remember coming back after my ICSE exam and telling mom..."I think I made one mistake..so 5 marks gone in Maths.."...(yes, I did get 95! )...School Life..golden years at Xaviers..hehe..well...won't ever get back those days, those years, that life, that time!
'Memories'...We can just afford to cling on 'em! :)

PS: The snap shown above was taken when I was in First Standard. I am standing top row, fifth from right! :D



-->My Puma Black Beast!

-->The images aren't that great taken with an 1.3 MP Cam!

-->WE can remove the spikes from below the studs and use it as regular shoes! :)

-->It is priced at 30 pounds.