A Beautiful Dream

The excessive 'cheer/jeer' sometimes plainly 'deafens' u! 1998, a 15 year old Sounak gets ready to be 'tested' by an elated and confident Arsene Wenger.
Its the 'derby' match between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur! A 63rd minute injury to Emanual Petit 'forced' Wenger to 'try' me on the pitch. I looked 'up' for a silent prayer and some blessing.
**I could see fairies in denim blue jeans and 'surf white' tops dancing to the tune of Shakalaka boom boom, rubbing mine eyes vigorously i looked down**

The referee took my hand to check if there is anything 'illegal' that i am carrying!
**I felt like kicking him there, then jumping on him flat and grabbing his collar and shouting 'i wanna marry ur daughter', but no i didn't do that**

Touched the ground, prayed and entered Highbury (this was Arsenal's old home ground) amidst rapturous welcome from the 'Gunning' crowd. I was quite unaware of this 'euphoric' mood as i was quite 'new' to the crowd (and even to my team-mates)
**maybe they saw a sticker on my back saying 'Kick me hard, i am a fool',those old cheap pranks played on school kids**

Though Wenger had asked me to play as a Left Attacking midfielder, i went right ahead and played as forward, he kept on shouting at me, 'Kid what the cufk are u doin?'
** I yelled back, u old drunk French hermaphrodite!! Now, go to hell, i won't listen to you, say whatever u want to!! Mocks at him!!**

I gathered a lovely 'thru-ball' from Patrick Vieira and instead of shooting it past the goalkeeper and to the utter amazement and disbelief of the crowd, i started running towards my goal. Every Tottenham soul looked in disbelief and my team-mates looked in horror! i dribbled past David Seaman (Arsenal Goalkeeper) and 'smashed' one into my goal.

**as i ripped my shirt, and started waving aka 'Ganguly-ishtyle-in-Lords', i got smashed/hit by tomatoes and potatoes and even big cabbages, damn, what happened???Why booos??Why aren't anybody coming and congratulating me? I love you people!! I just looouuuveeee u!!! Come, look i have 'scored'!**

**Patrick, my captain comes and slaps me! What have u done, kid?? i slap him back and start running towards the dressing room and i can visualize the whole team escorted by a 'bloody-eyed' Wenger running after me and yes half the crowd is following them**

Child P.S: I can see 13 fingers of mine, while typing and my watch is showing 13 o'clock!

Father P.S: I didn't mean to 'hurt' the shhhentiments of any french lunatic, any Nosal Heshammiya doter or any bengali fan of Dada!!

Grandfather P.S: All (c) Denim Copyrights preserved in a refrigerator! :)