Please don't jump from Skyscrapers!


It had to be the highest level of inexorable 'depressia' bringing me back here. For starters, I've given 'the place' a new look with a different background, different font color and all that jazz (Karuna Ballal(c)). As always, I dont know what shit I had in mind to pour over this highly depressed place which was crying out for me and for other depressed visitors (visitors = the number being the only even prime number known to mankind and other hopeless erudite-homo-sapienza) for god-knows-what reason. I mean, for somebody to write some shite and for many other bodies (ok, thats wrong!) to read that same shite, this poor blogger site is up all the time tolerating all kinda gloomy chitter-chatter.

I need to find a new job, coz this one sucks so bad that even attending anti-christ masses on Saturday late nights with disabled Satan followers (which is ultra-cool on all possible levels) is not helping my cause. And, well, I dont know, what's the effing 'cause' which makes me to do such retarded things. Meanwhile, I need to find a new place to stay in. There! I haven't ever..and I mean EVAHH...stayed alone. Now, I'll have to. The (enormity of the) prospect of staying alone is starting to give me cold shivers. Wait! What about cold-blooded animals? They get hot-shivers right? Global balance and all that? No? Ok, duhh, sorry, digressing is such a rankling thingy! Anywho, I'll have to do what I have to do. (Another retarded meaningless cliche)

Right now, I am stuck at blank! I have reached the end of the world. It is like am on the terrace of a 243-floor Skyscraper and am looking down. I don't want to jump because I am shit scared of all this jumping-from-top-of-Skyscrapers-thingy. I mean, it sounds really wrong to me, somehow.

I think I have done a good job in filling this place with some random shite, nobody's gonna bother anyways, and I am not going to bother anybody too. Fuck you Universe. Go get a life. And kill LandLords, coz they are mucking forons!

Adios! Barbados!