....T R A V I A N ....

* pheww * Ok, that was for the ‘New Post’ button to check if it still works. Well, yes, it does! I know what you fellas and fellis think, that laziness has reached the point of no return. Well, for a change, NO! That is not the reason.

My room-mate says…”Dood, when you play Travian, you don’t have a life”. He is absolutely bang on target. I don’t have a life. I play Travian. I devote a hell lot of time to Travian every freaking day of my life. It is getting crazier by the day. I can’t take it out of my system. It seems like I am being playing the game from the primordial times, even before the dinosaurs existed. I am more addicted to it than probably Jim Morrison was addicted to Lysergic acid diethylamide. Not that I am addicted to the latter at all, but that is not the point. My playing hours are something like this…-after-coming-back-from-office-till-late-night-…early morning….before I start working…before lunch break…after 5..i.e. before going to the gym…after coming back from gym…crazy shit I tell you. I need a break. I need to pulverize the very existence of the game’s vision from my mind. I want to get normal, lead a normal life.

Oh by the way, for all you guys who are playing the game. I am on Server 4 (with the alias ‘KingTheGreatOne’) and Server 7 (with the alias ‘Cesc’, nearing Endgame). Do let me know if you are on server 4. We can discuss strategies and what not. We can ..erm…NO…That is it. I need to stop.

In other news, err…If I have some, I’ll get back to you guys.

Damn, ‘energy’ is full @ Mafia Wars, I need to finish ‘jobs’. See you guys.