2043 AD

GC0134567894356 – He, ow aba takin a luk at da buk? (Hey, how about taking a look at that book?)

BS1434567894499 – Lem c, luks inte 2 me! (Lemme see, looks interesting to me!)

“It reads ‘Diary of an Infoscion’”

Vishal (13th June, 2008) – I reached office today at 3:00 p.m. after 8 hours of fun. Ya, we had serious fun in the bus. We played antakshari. The bus was divided into two teams. It was real fun. Tomorrow we are planning to play dumb-charades. Goodnite myself!

Aniket (29th November, 2009) – I am still to reach office. I started last week on a Friday, and here it is Sunday. I am in the bus and I need a formal shirt and a tie because I have a strong belief the bus will reach on Tuesday for sure.

Nikita (15th August, 2012) – This is so ridiculous. I haven’t called my boy-friend for 2 weeks. The cell is out of charge. The mobile-charging shops in the Hosur Road are closed for a week too. Dammit! I hate my life! I hate everybody. 20 freaking days and I am still to reach office.

Tamborine-22 (12th May, 2019) – Yes, I won. I finally won the chess match that I started with Dejavu-97! 6 months for 1 freaking match. What fun. Awesome! I heard we are reaching office in 2 weeks. I haven’t seen many faces for a long time. Miss ‘em all!

Caligula (Some freaking day, autumn, 2028) – I am not a psycho! Today I say what I believe. I say what happened. Yes! The bus broke down. I am not a psycho! The bus broke down and I fell off and landed inside an auto-zigzag. A girl was inside it. I fell in love with her. I am not a psycho. I want to marry her. We’ll marry this Friday in the ‘amphi-theater of dreams!’ And yeah, I am not a psycho!

Pablo-Papita (Donno when) – We reached office today and were cheered. It was a great feeling. I was a young girl when I started with the journey from JP Nagar. I was a SE too. I heard am going to be a Senior Project Manager from today. I had fallen for Zapak-007. He is a cool guy. Oh yeah, we have a kid now. Named him ‘MPG-008 (Mobile Programming Blunder)’. Sweet na?!

Bhanoosh (A day in my lifes) – I am the reaching office today only. I am the patiently sitting and eating and having goods time all these years. I am not shaving for the last 3 years. My beard is growing in the tallest like that Nobel prize winner, forgetting his name. My parents is coming to office todays. They will be pointing at me and saying I am proud feelings. After all I son only doing all the great doings all these years only in the bus, opening a road-side dhaba tow below the road-aside. I am stopping my writings in this hair.

Curzzoka (Some day, who gives a damn man!) – I reached office in 13 hours flat. Feels great. Traffic was seriously less. I am planning to work less today, zip-00-blog about some funny incidents. And yes, planning to bunk office tomorrow. Can’t work with all those Monday-Morning blues! Amen!

BS1434567894499 – “E-ha ha ha ha ha….”

GC0134567894356 – “I am b-ing this 4 sur, lem m as ow mch it?” (I am buying it, let me ask how much it is?)”

A man – “80 Dollars”

GC0134567894356 – “hey, Do u av 2 bucks change?”

PS: BS1434567894499 {Boy-Single-14 broken relationships-34567894499(ID)}
GC0134567894356 (Girl-Committed-1 broken relationship-34567894356(ID)}

PPS: Any similitude to actual persons, living, dead, half-dead, traffic-dead, zombies, maniacs, crank-houses and Infoscions is purely accidental.