Great Expectations!

Scary! Real scary! Well, honestly I never get nervous before an exam, at least never since my last engineering exam and that was quite some time back.
The mixed feelings I have today is because of an hypothetical situation, where people want me to run for the President of USA knowing very well that I am an India citizen. (There you are!!Talk of a disastrous simile..actually I'll blame a close blogger friend of mine for this! :P)
For the last few weeks or maybe close to a month, I had made up my mind that I won't put myself through any extraordinary pressure. I'll just let things go as it is and face it as it comes on the D-day of 18th November, 2007. Yeah, yeah, yeah....am talking about The exam, CAT! But, justifying my above used sucker of a simile, I am here sitting in my room all alone contemplating about the fact that people around me, who knows me, who are my friends, they have a something associated to me! It's called Expectation! Boyyy, when I have told 'em that I haven't studied enough (ok, I used enough coz, I wrote 6 of 8 SimCats! :D Thats it! ), why do they have to u-know-what!? I have been bombarded with messages, tweets, calls, what-not-ways-to-wish-me all carrying the very heavy feeling of expectation! Well friends, Thanks a lot, I love you all, yes I do! But, please don't expect a lot from me (Holistically, more so for the cracker tomorrow!). I have been suddenly put into a lot of pressure. So, basically I sat down to write this blog so that I can kool off some heated up nerves (dammit! Where were u all these days!?). I hate being in such a predicament, I just want the day to come and finish off without leaving a mark on my life. But, if it does, I'll be surprised, honestly yeah, coz at least for tomorrow I don't have much expectations from yours truly! ok...lets not leave this at such a pessimistic undertone, lets say..uhmmm..yeah..Come tomorrow..Lets KICK SOME @$$! :D



A momentary lapse of reason!

My flight from Calcutta to Bangalore was at 14:30 hours and I had reached the airport two and a half hours earlier (can’t help it, that’s another story!).

I bed good-bye to my dad, and carried my luggage inside the airport. I was carrying a large traveling bag on my back and a small pitch black leather carry bag in my hand.

Less sleep the previous night resulted in pale red eyes and thanks to corns below my feet, a limp on my left leg was clearly visible. I went about with the routine procedures of checking in then suddenly something hit my mind. Along with quite a few people around me, I found out that the security guards (especially) giving me more than a stare (dat infamous Wait a sec dude-this is fishy stare!) many times. Well, starting to contemplate about the possibilities of such a behaviour clearly an aberration from the normal, I realized that my get-up was to be blamed. Black sun-glasses hanging from the left pocket of my white and blue striped shirt along with the leather bag I mentioned, plus the limp in the left leg and red eyes added to the shadiness of my get-up. A fairly big watch, close-to-unshaved French beard and close-to-uncombed hair did add my woes. I smiled at myself thinking of what else was missing, maybe an ear-ring, a bandana, a silver bracelet or even a black brief case wouldn’t have done much harm.

Somehow, imaginations were running wild inside me and I let ‘em loose.

As I pulled the trigger, getting my .476 Enfield revolver from beneath my shoe-sole, I could see hundreds of people scared and shouting and creating a total chaos. Security guards were thrown into immediate alert and few of them (very few were carrying rifles) started taking positions behind pillars and shouting out “Dude, take it easy”. I made them feel a little disgusted by firing a few more shots in the air, before I took out the Beretta 1918 sub-machine gun. I could hear an emergency siren and people panicking out of the airport, while more security guards come running down and taking positions all around me quite aware of the fact that a psycho serial killer was on the loose.

As I smiled to myself, the lady close to me near the security check felt quite uneasy. That made me smile further so that I could make her further perturbed. It was time for the security check in. As two guys were waiting in front me, something made me impatient and damn, my imaginations went hay-wire again.

Sir, I request you to leave your mobile phone inside your carry-bag before you come for the security check.

Sorry, I refuse to do so; I want to carry my cell-phone with me.

Sir, We are requesting you to do as per instructions

Ignoring the moron, I clicked a particular button on my watch and heard the massive sound of a bomb exploding behind me and sending the whole building into ruptures. I pounced on the guard hitting him with a nearby parcel and started running as I unleashed (from my black leather carry bag) the most lethal weapon in my black Remington 870, a pump-action shot-gun. I let go some shots to throw off quite a few guards while some more chase me to no avail.

“Sir, the checking’s done…u can leave!”


“Sir…I said…u can carry on!”

“Oh yeah..yeah…sorry..I was a little..aah..dizzy…uhmm..thanks”

As I walked in front, my sub-conscious mind made me take a glance behind just to check if everything is fine or rather intact.

Another smile fills my face as I take a seat beside that same lady.

The lady picks up her luggage and frantically scurries away to take another seat quite far away from my sight.

I couldn’t refrain myself from laughing before I moved to the next page of Jeffrey Archer’s ‘Honour Among Thieves’ to find out about the Mossad’s agent fate.