DON MCLEAN has, without a doubt; one of the most melodious voice mankind has ever laid their 'ears' to. His most famous composition in the name of 'American Pie' is a song of 'historic' significance. This is a 'must listen' for all you folks, it has got the perfect 'jumble' of great lyrics (~that has made people scratch their heads for 25 years and still they are doing so~), great 'feel' (~if you understand the lyrics well~) and McLean's harmonious voice itself. The song takes you through a roller-coaster ride of American people (~mostly celebrities~) and their culture. The song is more of a tribute to the death of Buddy Holly (A rock and roll pioneer) and to the consummate legendary figure of Bob Dylan. The song also touches upon imperative figures of Rolling Stones, Beatles, Janis Joplin, Elvis Priestly, John F.Kennedy and some more of the likes.

Other mentionable creations of Don McLean are 'Vincent' (~Based on Vincent Van Gogh's depiction of life through paintings~), 'Castles in the air' (~one of the most melodious song I have heard my entire life~) and 'Fool's Paradise'. These songs can be labeled as 'beautiful' songs as they throw you in a world of imagination and makes you feel every stroke of the brush 'which Mclean wields' through his lyrical and vocal canvas. :D

Talking of 'feel', we can straightaway venture into the musical designs of one Paul Simon and another Art Garfunkel better recognized as SIMON & GARFUNKEL. Though, I heard their most eminent creation 'Sounds of Silence' a long time back, I got the chance to listen to many other fine music of theirs, very recently. My personal favorite stands out to be 'I am a rock', solely for the brilliant and uncomplicated lyrics.

I request this one to be added to your 'must listen' listing. 'America' (~The song is like a metaphorical journey between two imaginary characters in the different cities of America and their experiences of the same~), 'Bridge over troubled Waters', 'Mrs. Robinson', ' He was my brother' and 'A most peculiar man' are my favorite numbers too.

In the same 'feel' but in a unique genre of 'Piano Rock', let me introduce the one and only, BILLY JOEL. Safely, inducted in the 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' and 'Songwriter's Hall of Fame', Joel got me in his fan-base by his signature-song 'Piano Man', which identifies the man, in a true sense. From 'soulful crooning' to 'upbeat Rock and Roll' tunes, he did it all. My favorites include 'She's always a woman to me', 'An innocent man', 'River of Dreams', 'Uptown Girl' and finally the historic ' We didn't start the fire' (~The song is a history revising material, on a serious note, it unwinds the events and experiences of Joel in chronological order, running upon politics, sports, entertainment and foreign affairs~). This is a 'must listen' addition too.

The vastness of 'musical repository' that the names 'Beatles', The Rolling Stones' and above all 'Bob Dylan', possess, makes it almost impossible to deal with them in one blog.

Arguably the greatest song-writer of all times, Robert Allen Zimmerman (~better known as BOB DYLAN~) has given us a remarkable collection of 'unforgettable' songs.. Well, my favorites and 'must listen add's' will need a separate 'diary' altogether, but still I suggest these; 'Mr. Tambourine Man', 'Blowing in the wind', 'Like a Rolling Stone', ' Hurricane' (~A protest song on Rubin Hurricane Carter, a very controversial song, the lyrics are very touching and tragic none the less~), 'Desolation Row', 'The times they are a-changing', ' Rainy Day Women', 'Forever young', 'Fourth time Around', and 'Ballad of a thin man'.

Dylan's album 'Nashville Skyline' contained a duet with Johnny Cash. JOHNNY CASH was a brilliant and a highly influential Country and Rock and Roll singer/songwriter. I have always been amazed at the man's simplicity, not only in his persona, but also in his musical renderings. The movie 'Walk the Line' encouraged me to 'Walk the Line' of Johnny Cash's music. :D.
His brilliant 'pieces' and thereby 'your must-listens' include 'Walk the Line', 'It ain't me babe' (~Duet sung with Wife, singer/song-writer June Carter Cash~), 'Folsom Prison Blues' , 'Ring of Fire', ' Cry Cry Cry' , 'Home of the blues' and above all, 'Hurt' (~This was Cash's last song (~it was actually a cover~) and the video quite brilliantly puts forward Cash's early life and thereby proving it to be an ideal tribute to the man) I would recommend 'Hurt' () as a 'must-watch' video for all music lovers.(~You can get hold of it @Youtube ()~).

Very far away from the world of 'beautiful voices', was an incredible voice unlike any other in her lifetime and ours too. An overdose of heroin killed her at a tender age of 27, before she could give the world more 'screeching yet melodious' numbers. I am talking about JANIS JOPLIN (~inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2005~). She will be best identified by her single 'Me and Bobby McGee' (~A cover, but most people all over love her version the most~) Other brilliant 'Must-Listens' include 'Mercedes Benz', an absolutely crazy 'Cry Baby', ' Piece of my heart', 'Move over' and last but not the least 'Ball and Chain' (~This song is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, an absolute barnstorming and a breathtaking vocal that gives goose-pimples to the listeners; love the way she ends the song with a lovely 'philosophical' message~)

I apologize for the 'long' blog. I just wanted to spread across "Don't stop exploring music, you'll never know what u will 'bump' into, it mite turn out to be 'gems' "! :D