DO NOT argue with a COW!

In a so-called richly opinionated (nothing to do with Opium) country, there is hardly anything that is out-of-the-blue, away-from-the-common. People form opinions in groups. ‘Herds’ of social hoi polloi ‘decide’ to do things, nobody here operates on their own, because they are scared about getting lost in an idiosyncratic supreme aura of their own. If nobody can identify with you, you are well…not identified. In a group of four guys, one might be unique, but the other three will consider him an outcast because he is not like them. ‘Not like the ‘common-usual’ them!

Guy – “Hey, how is Ra.One?

Cool-Dood – “Absolute Bollocks, Pathetic movie. SRK can’t act

Guy – “Which show did you go for? You didn’t tell me

Cool-Dood – “I haven’t watched the movie!

Guy – “Wait, then how do you know all that? You had a vision?

Cool-Dood – “Mannn, ask anybody, it is just crap, don’t go for it man!

There! That is the prime example of bad-mouthing antagonistic social assholes (BASA). They are carriers of bad-news, they don’t have a personality or a respectable individuality, they just act as the Core Router (sorry for that, I mean a router in the middle of a large network, not directly connected to customers) in a game of Chinese Whisper. On second thought, I could have used an easier analogy. Nevamind! The point is, the country is full of such people, who don’t act on reason, who don’t want to act on reason. “SRK is crap” means “SRK is crap” – There is no middle ground. Yet he becomes THE most successful face of Bollywood on this planet – How exactly did he do it if he was well…CRAP?

This blog is not about Ra.One or The King Khan (as I write this blog, his movie has broken every box-office record that was ever created), it is about these people. THE people, who fail to garner any sort of respect from sane human beings! If they find a discussion going on about So-and-So-1, they would just join the discussion, not knowing tit shit about So-and-So-1 and yet bad-mouth the holy fuck out of So-and-So-1 and go home. The universal fucking verdict – So-and-So-1 is CRAP. Yet, maybe NONE had any idea about So-and-So-1! DO NOT underestimate the power of BASA, they can make or break a thing!

I can choose to ignore such people and ‘move on’ with life, but unfortunately, they are everywhere, they can be your friends, they can be your team-mates, they can be your cousins! They are like Liquid Nitrogen, they are cold, they are sticky, and they are everywhere! Jesus, today is not my day with Analogies! Sorry! But, you get the point! There is no point in arguing with these people, you can’t possibly win an argument with a cow, simply because, you CANNOT understand what a cow has to argue about. From my 28 years of experience of being a part of this world, there are two rules about arguing with a cow.

Rule 1: DO NOT argue with a cow.

Rule 2: There is no RULE 2.