Cobhem and 'em

Once upon a time, in the days of Nicolas Odranguez Mofatu, when he was the ruler of Acris Dabala, there lived a man called Cobhem Thalem.

Cobhem was a man like no other man, no, he was not a woman, but yeah, he was special, ‘unique’ I should say. He was illiterate, he never went to nursery or to school or to high school or to college or to any B-school or…ok…you get the point! He was illiterate. He didn’t even have a PHD, believe it or not. But, this man had a vision, like no other man or woman of his era. He could foresee things, things that’d happen 100 years after him and even things that’d never happen, or things that might have happened if he wanted to foresee it. Apart from vision, he had an ultra-vision, about things that’d happen 1000 years after him and even things that’d never happen or things that might have happened if he wanted to ultra-foresee it and so on and so forth. In short, he had an unrivaled super-intellectual outlook towards life, universe and everything.

There was a section of people who really loved him and appreciated his powers, but then there was a section of people who hated him because he had exceptional powers. The people who hated him were his elders who used to get an inferiority complex when he was around. And there were the cobblers who felt irritated about his comments on Cobbles and Babbles which made no sense to them, thereby they hated him too. And there were the musicians in the court of Nicolas Mofatu, who hated him too for very valid reasons. Cobhem used to come to court and laugh out loud every time the musicians played and made funny noises with his nose mocking the musicians and their ancestral cousins. This made the musicians irritated and thereby the relevant show of hatred towards the guy. And then there were the beggars who hated Cobhem. Cobhem used to give the beggars cork-openers and plenty of them. He found the entire thingy very funny, but the beggars didn’t! They didn’t like red wine or even sparkling wine for that matter. In fact, they couldn’t afford wine. And then there were kids who hated Cobhem. Cobhem used to come to play with the kids and give them weird gadgets and educate them with some philosophical gibberish which didn’t go too well with the kids, in fact, it traumatized ‘em. Apart from all these people mentioned, there were women who hated Cobhem. They hated Cobhem because he never took the right stance. If they asked him to take the right stance, he always took the left stance and this particular thing highly offended woman of all caste, creed and size.

But, the rest loved him. They worshiped him. Many of these mistook him for some GOD or something. He made sense to them whenever he wanted to make sense to them and when they couldn’t make any sense to the fact that their sense didn’t come in terms with the sense that Cobhem tried to make or didn’t try to make, they accepted the fact that Cobhem is actually making sense to them. But, overall, they were happy, a happy bunch of three; Cobhem’s deaf dog, his blind parrot and his arrogant brownish-orange diseased mongoose.


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lol! are u nuts!!

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haha..the labels are funny :P

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