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A life! As soon as we step on to this planet, we start crying, we cry because we are afraid of survival, we are afraid of the irrefutable thought of encumbrance in our daily existence. Well, if we don’t cry, we use words like “Mom….Daddy…..” Our parents become so happy to hear those words, but the poor things don’t realize what the kid’s actually trying to tell. The kid actually says…”Mom…I am hungry, Can’t you see that?”….”Dad…I want that toy…Don’t you understand me” and there starts a way of life, as we’ll call it. “I”. I want this and I want that. It starts with tricycles, dolls, toys, a cricket bat, a football, a guitar, a this and a that! Do we really care for anybody? We’ve come here to live for ourselves, live our life, live our dreams, live our desires, and then peacefully leave this world without even giving a thought about the people who surrounded our very subsistence, and more importantly for that long!

We try to stay within this hypothetical circle we create for ourselves. The circle is filled with “our” needs, “our” demands, “our” friends, “our” dreams. We are scared to step out of this circle, scared because we think we’ll fall. We try our best to stay inside it, and make sure that we are the cynosure of every eye within it. We stoop down to the lowest level of an egotistic being. We leave no stones unturned to satisfy our incredibly huge appetite for worldly pleasures!

Well, let me give you a second chance. A chance to live your life again! Will you live it for somebody else? Do you want to know how it feels to live for somebody else? Do you want to experience how it feels when you leave your so-called-safe-circle and enter somebody else’s and live this life for him/her?

Well, I do. I am tired of cribbing, wanting things for myself. I am tired of being selfish. I really want to be the paradigm of a philanthropic endurance. Ok, that was a little too much, but yeah, something on those lines! :-)

Oh Almighty, if you are reading this blog, please give me a second chance, another life, well, don’t take away this one, just rewind it 26 years and I promise I’ll make you proud! :-D

Mom, Many happy returns of the day yet again! Sorry, I stay so far away from you and I know it sucks, it sucks BIG TIME! Yeah, that is BEING SELFISH. But, I really love you mom! I seriously do! Please forgive me for being such a self-absorbed human being.

And you readers please read this blog and forget about it. Please keep my ‘insane image’ intact! :-$

Ohh yeah, and thanks for all the pheeeesh! ;-)


Rize said...

who is this?? where is sounak! :D
From my 25 years of existence in this place, i have realized that except our parents, no on really bothers too much about your life. Living for someone else is something very debatable, but yes i do agree that we are truly involved only with ourselves and others in trouble are just considered a burden to do away with!
PS: I understand how tough it is to stay away from mom! :)

Prasanna Venkatesh said...

Exactly what I thought about life. Can't believe u echoed every word of my analysis on life. People often say I have lot of friends, and I ask them to name anyone who will bail you out of any tricky situation, and they often are left speechless. I always know only family will be with you all the time, even if u think your friends are equally concerned about you. Sad but true!

Birthday wishes to your mom. I know what it's like to go home as much as you can, and I don't need to discuss your situation. :-)

Palve said...

Happy Birthday Aunty...........N sounak dada I completely agree with what you have written

chip said...

'whatever that means..'

i like pheesh!


she got the flowers?

TheGreatOne said...

@Rize: It's NOT me! :-|

I agreeth!

@Prasanna: Sad but true!

@Palve: I know you agree with me! :-D

@chip: Me too! :-D

Sromana said...

Miss you....:-(

mathew said...

such a nice post...isnt it a time of self discovery?? ;-)

TheGreatOne said...

@Sromana: Miss ya too dear!
@mathew: Thanks a lot sire! I've been trying to discover myself since the day of Copernicus! :-D

Mini_G said...

Your philanthropic attitude is nice BUT can you really help another person without feeding your own ego in some way?

I love the blog and your sense of humor! Keep it up!

TheGreatOne said...

@Mini_G: I think I can. :)

Divs said...

awww... cute re!

horribly late.. but..
happy b'day to your mom!