A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Well, first of all, Hi to uhmm…to all of you who uhmm…don’t read this blog. And secondly, ‘Hi’ to you ‘Robbins’ for reading this blog on a regular basis! You’ve been a life saver, no, srsly.

Ok, yeah, I’ve been so blank all these days, that I just didn’t have the patience to pen a few shitty words on my beloved EnigmaticExis….. One major reason for that would be, giving my ‘all’ to the brand new ‘Arsenal Blogging’ thingy I started with a friend of mine, which we try to update almost every two days.

Apart from that, I am learning horse-riding which’ll help me to ride Unicorns in broad day-light if I manage to get hold of one. Ohh, and I would love to learn ‘Mankali’, a tribal dance of Kerala. I’ve not seen or heard about it, but I hope it is nice and a bit stimulating. That helps and probably’ll cure my insanity.

Ahh, you guys, especially you Robbins, should know that I had a very weird day today, not that it really matters to you.

I didn’t get to see the really cute girl I see everyday when I leave home for office.I’d a really disgusting lunch, every item tasted crap, the Amul Chocolate drink I’ve everyday after lunch was over, so missed that too. At work, most of the things didn’t work today. I managed to hurt my back a bit while gymming. And last but not the least, I managed to NOT get a window seat for the first time in 4 years in Infy. Twas some achievement right? And why? All because of some godamn zombies who walks like err…zombies! Nevermind.

I read about an interesting piece of news. The Indian PM held peace talks with our beloved neighbor up North West. The PAK government was like ‘We’ll share our intelligence with you the next time an attack takes place'. Wait! Come again.

That is like, “Hey dood, listen, we promise you, we are going to share every last details of our ‘Intelligence’ with you guys when we attack you again on the 19th of September at Nokaradinda, Mugalabad, Inshallah”. Freaking hilarious. Bunch of Hokashintoplushes!!!

I’ll try to keep this page filled with a lot of crappola from now onwards

P.S: The automated mail that flooded your inbox every time I updated this page, will not reach you guys anymore. Ahh, that’ll be mighty peaceful.

Before I sign off, an advice; if you hate mangoes, try rotten custard apple dipped in a lot of mayonnaise, if you still hate mangoes, try sleeping through the entire summer. Yeah. Brilliant, I know.


Divs said...

and a lil bit of everything! (only trying to complete the song :P)

hey! insanity should NOT be cured. I object! :|

Prasoon said...

hehe.. I concur with what Divya said!

Rize said...

i guess i understand, a very long dreary day at infy!. Nice read.. say insane, find unicorns!

Sromana said...

Welcome back....the same,old you...still don't make any sense...:p

TheGreatOne said...

@Divs: Ohh yeah...uhmm..ok! I'll try to live with the 'disease'! :(

@Prasoon: err..ok!

@Rize: I must find 'em!

@Sromana: Oh come on! It didn't? No? :-(

Palve said...

Oh God.......I am sure that u have lost it..dal with crushed biscuit was a weird combo now apple dipped in mayo ..YUCK YUCK YUCK

Palve said...

Oh God.......I am sure that u have lost it..dal with crushed biscuit was a weird combo now apple dipped in mayo ..YUCK YUCK YUCK