Then and Now....Blehh? or Wow?

Rewind four years. We are looking at circa 2005. Location is Mysore, Infosys Technologies Ltd. We come from Bangalore in a car which belongs to a friend called Arjun. Who all are in the car? Let me recollect. Pedda, Arjun, Siddharth, John (Atendra???) and yours truly. I’m not 100% sure though. We have lunch at Dominos because we’re late. (I pinged Pedda some time back, the old man can’t remember it, hehe) We take ourselves to the hostel rooms which are pretty classy.
*rolls rolls*
Second Day! Group Discussion. Location is a room named ‘Rani Laxmibhai’. Siddharth and Shirley (both from my college) are seated to my right. There are 10 more fellas in the room. I remember Tushar and Sailesh as two of ‘em and of course Somnath and Tanmoy (who are from Durgapur, surprise surprise!!) who later go on to become ‘friends for life’. Oooh, strong term! :-D
*rolls rolls*
I get to meet Pallavi, Denver, Monika, Smiti and Rashmi, and we become good friends. I still remember composing a song in the music room of Mysore (Lyrics written by Pallavi, Denver and me).
*rolls rolls*
Bangalore happens. I remember running to the ‘Game Room’ (It was Room 402 of the Hostel Block C) every day in the afternoon for NFS Underground action. We (Me and Pedda) gave instructions to Pushpita, as to what she needs to tell our mentor if she’s asked about our whereabouts.
*rolls rolls*
The coffee breaks with Ipsita and Atul still brings a huge smile on my face. We used to have these ‘Singing sessions’ where Ipsita ( a talented singer) approved Atul’s ultra-melodious voice. *cough cough*
*rolls rolls*
I get a mail from a girl asking me about our Business Unit (How good or bad it is?!). I give her my opinion.To this day, Ruchi curses me for that opinion I gave. Come on, I didn’t force her to come here. Did I? :-D
*rolls rolls*
A guy in the gym bumps into me and goes like… “You are Sounak right?” Err…uhmm…Well, I didn’t identify him, oh come on, he had a James Hetfield DP on Infyblogs. *respect*. Rinil has done 873 covers from that day till today. (Covers? Well, nevamind! :-D)
*rolls rolls*
Sridevi was leaving the company, so we (me and Rinil) bought her a gift and got a card which was to be signed by a lot of bloggers from across the globe. Err. (One Soumya’s idea it was) Among the many who came to sign that card, I remember meeting two fellas(a guy and a girl), who came, said ‘Hi’, signed, and left. I remember asking the guy a very stupid question…”So, are you Natarajan?” (I knew two of ‘em are coming, one was Karuna and so obviously… Jeez!! :-| )
*rolls rolls*
‘Crappola’ chat convos. Oooh! Sorry, confidential Info. :-D

8th August, 2009. Am I delighted? Not really.
Sad? No boss!
Nostalgic? Of course! :-D

I had a dream
Oh, yeah
Crazy dream, uh-huh.
Anything I wanted to know
Any place I needed to go
Hear my song
Yeah...people dont you listen now? sing along!
Oh, you dont know what youre missing now.
Any little song that you know
Everything thats small has to grow.
And it has to grow!....

P.S: Forgive me for the highly incoherent writing. I'm really emotional right now. Crying like a baby. Blood flowing from my right nostril. Green Pus flowing from my
left ear. The left hand is paralysed and err...Ok, you get the point!


Divs said...

:) wow! you remember your room!
my training days were all a haze to me. (although its just been 2 yrs ago.. :$)

congrats on the 4!

btw... the P.S stopped me from savoring my coffee... grr! :P

Prasoon said...

Nice nice. Congrats on the milestone! :P

Natarajan said...

What are these 'crappola' chat convos you talk about? :D

chaitali said...
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Deepthi Rajagopal said...

whoaa.. congrats !!! tht's indeed worth celebration!! so where's the treat from :)

TheGreatOne said...

@Divs: I freakin' remember every freakin' thing! :-P
Thanks! :)

@Prasoon: Thanks.

@Natarajan: I've absolutely no idea! :-\

@Deepthi: Thanks Deeps. Yeah, thr are some treats pending! :-$

Sridevi Aishwariya said...

awwwww.... Rinil and i was there when u completed your 2years :( gosh it seems like just yday, and its 2years since i left infy

Anonymous said...

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